Was Martha Tabram a Jack the Ripper Victim?


Throughout the years, there has been a lot of speculation that one of Britain’s most famous kill...

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Why Is Jack the Ripper Called Jack the Ripper?


Jack the Ripper is extremely well known for the crimes he committed in 1888 – something which...

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Jack the Ripper Locations: Fact or Fiction


When it comes to Jack the Ripper, there are numerous facts and theories, many of which include the ...

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Was The Servant Girl Annihilator, Jack the Ripper?


When it comes to Jack the Ripper, there are many theories. Although they will never be proven, here...

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Can an Overgrown Grave Prove the Ripper’s Identity?


There are countless theories and endless speculation surrounding the identification of Jack the Rip...

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Could Leather Apron be Jack the Ripper?


The brutal murders of five women in London’s East End during the year 1888 left people across ...

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Jack the Ripper and Black Magic


We are all familiar with the most common theories surrounding Jack the Ripper, but with so much spec...

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Would Sherlock Holmes Have Caught Jack The Ripper?


It would have been a match for the ages – fiction’s most celebrated sociopath versus history’s...

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Was Elizabeth Stride Really a Jack the Ripper Victim?


Those familiar with the tale of the Ripper will probably be well aware of the identities of the cano...

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