Jack the Ripper: Virtual Tour

Jack the Ripper Virtual Tour

If you are unable to make it to Whitechapel, then we will bring Whitechapel to you with our thrilling virtual Jack the Ripper tour experience. From the comfort of your home, you can follow the footprints of one of history’s most storied killers as our tour guide tells the story of the world’s most famous serial killer that was never caught.

Our tours have been a popular attraction in London’s East End for many years now and, while the current global situation means that things are a little uncertain right now, we want to ensure that history lives on whether you can be with us or not. When you book your place on a Jack the Ripper virtual tour, you will be granted access to a pre-recorded guided tour experience led by an expert Ripperologist.

The Same World-Famous Ripper-Vision Experience

Even though you won’t be physically walking the streets of Whitechapel and seeing the locations of each of Jack the Ripper’s gruesome murders in person, that doesn’t mean your tour experience will be any less. Our world-famous Ripper-Vision has always brought to life one of the world’s most gripping unsolved mysteries and, virtually, that will be no different.

Pictures and illustrations projected onto the exact spot of important locations concerning the Whitechapel Murders, bringing the East End right back to 1888 at a time when the capital was far from the prosperous city we know today. Under the cover of the night’s sky, Victorian London was far from a safe place as it was a cesspit of petty crime and little opportunity, especially for those from modest working-class backgrounds who suffered through lack of social housing and welfare support. This was the main reason why many women turned to prostitution, willingly putting themselves in danger, at the mercy of the clientele, just to make ends meet.

This was the stage upon which the anonymous killer performed, striking each of his victims when they were at their most vulnerable with minimal chance of witnesses. Our immersive experience will have you looking over your shoulder, completely forgetting that you are safely tucked up at home.

No Stone Left Unturned

Our expert Ripperologist guides leave no stone unturned as they go into incredible detail relating to the Whitechapel Murders, telling you everything you could ever hope to know about the Canonical Five, how the police set about catching the killer, theories, conspiracies and who the Jack the Ripper suspects were.

In the absence of the usual Q&A session that usually takes place during our walking tours, our guides will fill you in on all of the obscurities that relate to the case of Jack the Ripper. If there are still any questions that remain unanswered upon the end of the virtual tour, please feel free to refer to our Casebook where you can find lots of information regarding the murders.

Whether you have never looked into the killings or consider yourself to be clued up on the Jack the Ripper murders, we guarantee that you will learn something new about one of London’s darkest episodes. Had the Metropolitan Police have conducted their investigation with the same ferocity as our expert Ripperologists, we may not be debating the identity of the killer more than 130 years later.

Gift a Virtual Jack the Ripper Tour

You can book a ticket on a virtual tour as a gift for anyone in your life who has a passion for history and unsolved mysteries. Whether you want to gift our virtual tour as a present for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Halloween or just because you want to, we promise that whoever the lucky recipient is will enjoy our immersive experience.

During times of limited social interaction, booking a virtual tour can make for a fantastic means of bringing you together with friends and family with the possibility of arranging a watch-along. There is no greater gift than bringing together those you most care about and, with the challenges that the pandemic has presented us, it has never been more important to safely spend time with friends and family.

Book Your Jack the Ripper Virtual Tour Today

You can book your Jack the Ripper virtual tour by heading here, where you can also purchase a ticket for any of our walking tours around the East End of London. Whatever way you choose to take our tour, you will be left in no doubt that you will have experienced the best dedicated Jack the Ripper tour anywhere in the world.

For more information in relation to our tours and how you can enjoy our virtual Jack the Ripper tour, please do not hesitate to get in contact with a member of the team today. We will be more than happy to answer questions that you may have in relation to the tour and about the mystery of Jack the Ripper.


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The Jack the Ripper Casebook