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Our Jack the Ripper school tours are specifically designed to balance incredible story-telling and in-depth analysis, creating an educational experience that keeps students engaged and interested throughout.

By tailoring our service to the modern curriculum, our school tours are perfect for A-Level or GCSE students, helping pupils learn about the Victorian era, 19th-Century police investigation techniques, and turn-of-the-century policing compared to modern-day operations. Discover more about our Jack the Ripper school tours below and explore how you and your students can benefit from our unique Jack the Ripper experience.


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Why Our Jack the Ripper School Tour?

Tour Content

As one of the most respected Jack the Ripper tours in London, we continually strive to offer the best school tours in the city. The tour’s content is exclusive and unique, using our Ripper-Vision hand-held projector system to showcase the original police sketches and photos from the era, all whilst exploring the locations where the incidences occurred.

Ripper-Vision has been regularly praised by previous students, keeping them engaged and interested throughout the experience, yet it’s not all we have to offer. Using police reports, eyewitness testimonies and psychological profiling taken straight from the FBI criminal investigations, we can, at last, present the definitive story of the Autumn of Terror. This allows us to shed light on who the killer may have been and where he most likely lived, too.

By combining imagery from the period with captivating tour guides and real police reports, we have created an informative Jack the Ripper school tour that holds students’ attention, provoking thought and analysis.

Professional Expert Tour Guides

Our team consists of real historians, authors, and experts on the case of Jack the Ripper and the Whitechapel Murders, most of whom have been involved in organising the official Jack the Ripper conference every year since 1996.

With some of the leading experts from across the globe, our Jack the Ripper school tours are guaranteed to deliver up-to-date, expert information, perfect for students studying the time period or the truth behind the legend.

In addition to our tour guides’ conference experience and expert status, our team have also advised on many historical documentaries, books, TV shows and films, including the famous Ripper Street and London Calling. We have appeared on Sky News, CBS, The History Channel, Secrets of Scotland Yard, and much more. Who better to teach your students about the Victorian era and Jack the Ripper than the crime experts themselves?

Educational Value

Our Ripper-Vision tour was the first and only of its kind to bring the Jack the Ripper case into the 21st century. We have swept away the fiction to deliver the cold hard facts of the investigation, without shying away from the gruesome details.

This makes our Jack the Ripper school tour one of the most educational on offer throughout London, clarifying the difference between truth and speculation.


Our world-famous Ripper-Vision in action!

Jack the Ripper School Resources

With over 25 years of experience, state-of-the-art crime scene visual aids. and connections throughout the Ripperologist network, we consider ourselves experts on one of the most notorious British serial killers.

With this in mind, we have compiled a full Jack the Ripper casebook featuring a range of school resources and in-depth information on every aspect of the Jack the Ripper investigation, from the victims to the suspects themselves.

Jack the Ripper GCSE Resources

For GCSE students, we recommend utilising the casebook to learn about London in 1888. The Whitechapel Murders happened at the peak of the Victorian era, and London was experiencing rapid changes, the repercussions of which we are still feeling today.

Alternatively, if Jack the Ripper is being studied directly, then exploring the faces behind the police investigation is guaranteed to offer newfound knowledge on the subject without delving into the gruesome details. This information is perfect for supporting lessons, assisting in homework completion, as well as for revision, and we further explore the topic on our Jack the Ripper school tours.

Jack the Ripper A-Level Resources

Depending on the A-Level subjects being studied, our casebook has a range of different resources and vast amounts of information that will help.

For criminology or psychology students, our criminal profiling section reveals the science and strategies behind the multiple Jack the Ripper profiles constructed over the past 130 years. English students may prefer to look into the Jack the Ripper letters to investigate the Victorian language, whilst history students can use the extensive detail we go into regarding the Jack the Ripper suspects and victims.

Whatever the subject, if you are looking into Jack the Ripper and the Victorian era, our casebook has something to offer.

Jack the Ripper Coursework Ideas

Without being an expert on Jack the Ripper, it can be challenging for teachers and students to select a coursework question worth investigating. To help, we have put together a few options worth considering below:

Question: How did the police force fail during the Whitechapel Murders, and how did this affect the hysteria?

Resource: The Whitechapel Murdersthe police investigation, and the suspects.

Question: What traits of Victorian London made discovering Jack the Ripper’s true identity so challenging?

Resource: The police investigationthe suspects, and London in 1888.

Question: Which Whitechapel murder victims were most likely to have been killed by Jack the Ripper and why?

Resource: The police investigation and the victims.

Question: Which letters are likely to have been written by Jack the Ripper himself if any?

Resource: The letters.

Question: What common traits did all the Jack the Ripper victims share, and how did this help the police understand which victims were killed by the same individual?

Resource: The police investigation and the victims.

Question: What was it that brought the series of murders to an end?

Resource: How did Jack the Ripper die?

Of course, these questions are just the tip of the iceberg; be sure to explore the casebook for yourself to inspire further ideas. All coursework is significantly benefitted by attending a Jack the Ripper school tour, simply because it offers students and teachers the opportunity to ask an expert in person whilst exploring the locations and settings first-hand.

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