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Our Jack the Ripper school tours are perfect for students studying for any level of history and criminology, from GCSE to A-Level’s and beyond; our guides can help your students with their studies. We are now voted the first choice for schools, universities and colleges when it comes to educating the young minds of tomorrow on one of history's most notorious serial killers. We also hold the coveted 'Learning Outside the Classroom' award - making us an easy choice for education professionals.

Teachers from all around Europe are now using our tour to promote the new curriculum, which focuses on helping students learn about the Victorian era, 19th century police investigation techniques, social awareness and an in-depth analysis of turn-of-the-century policing, compared to operations today.

Our Educational Jack the Ripper Tours Cover:

  • Why didn’t the Police in 1888 catch Jack the Ripper?
  • Could the police have done more to catch the Killer?
  • Why was Jack the Ripper able to avoid detection?
  • If the murders were to occur today would the police be able to catch the murderer?
  • The differences in policing methods in 1888 and modern times
  • The social impact of the murders

The #1 for School and College Tours

We are the ONLY Jack the Ripper tour in London to use handheld projectors, to show the images and evidence from 1888.

What does a Jack the Ripper School Tour Consist of?

Our tours begin outside Exit Three of Aldgate East Tube Station (The Whitechapel Art Gallery) and takes pupils straight into Gunthorpe Street, which in 1888 was known as George Yard. Here we take your students back to 1888 by explaining the provenance of the shelter for homeless girls, and how they feared for their lives as they went about their general day to day lives.

Gunthorpe Street is a long narrow alleyway with cobbled stones, and helps us to give your students the understanding of how crowded, dark and unsavoury the streets of London’s East End were in 1888. This is the best street in the East End that gives students an understanding of how close-knit the area once was, helping them to understand the impact that social conditions had on the area, and how one of the most notorious murderers in history went undetected.

It is, at this point, that we ask students to discuss what it would have been like in the East End in 1888, and think about what it would have been like to live here. We compare other areas of London and ask them to consider what professions they might have had in order to live in the East End and relate wages, in real terms, to how much they would have been paid today.

We then move on and into the East End of London and begin with the first canonical victim.

Mary Ann Nichols was the first official Jack the Ripper victim, and we start by linking her life to the other East End victims. All of Jack’s victims were living in the East End, and made their living by becoming ladies of the night. They all used common lodging houses (‘doss houses’) and had no real fixed abode, this in itself is one of the many reasons the killer was able to avoid detection.

Moving on, we talk about another victim; Martha Tabram. Martha is not included in the canonical five murders but she is included in the Whitechapel Murder File as a potential Jack the Ripper victim - and this is why we include her in our tour. The Whitechapel files consist of 10 murders in total that were also linked to Jack the Ripper; we explain the theory, escalation and why they may or may not be linked.

Throughout the tour your students are encouraged to ask questions, offer their own theories and are able to discuss details of the case with their guide.

From here we then go to Thrawl Street, where Mary Nicholls was lodging at the time of her murder. Here we discuss with your students how the network of narrow streets and alleyways provided the perfect cover for a killer to get away and the potential Ripper sightings. We discuss how reliable the sightings really were and ask the students to imagine how dark the streets will have been at night with the gas lamps on, and how this will have influenced the investigation.

Setting the Stage for a Serial Killer

As walk through the network of streets we point out Wilkes Street and Fournier Street, both still as they were in 1888; lined with houses with rooms that will have housed entire families. It’s at this point we also discuss the importance of the press and the invention of the first name for Jack the Ripper – Leather Apron – which is based on the witness statements for local prostitutes that this man was running local extortion rackets. We discuss how further eye-witness statements created race riots and how this influenced further decisions by the police in their investigations. We again question students and encourage them to discuss the investigation and how it could have been carried out differently, such as photographing the scenes, evidence contamination and DNA profiling.

Going further on our tour we visit the site of Annie Chapman's murder, we then pass by the Ten Bells Pub – where it is reported the victims all drank before they were killed, and is still the same as it was in 1888. We also pass the Christchurch, and explain that this would have been the way most people knew what time it was, and how this will have affected the investigation.

We then pass the Queens Head Pub, where victim Elizabeth Stride was seen drinking on the evening she was murdered. Following this, we walk to the site of Catherine Eddowes murder at Mitre Square. Here, we ask the students to question what they have been told and think about the investigation as a whole.

Moving on we head on towards Ghoulston Street where the infamous message:

“The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing"

was discovered and ask your students to think back to how the earlier threat of race riots could have influenced the inspector’s decision to have the writing washed away before it could be seen by other members of the public.

Another clue was also discovered in this infamous doorway, a blood-soaked section of cloth from Catherine Eddowes' apron. We again ask your students to think about the significance of this find, and why its location is important. 

Finally, we end our tour by going near to Millers Court where the last victim, Mary Kelly, was killed in her lodging room - the only victim to have been killed indoors.

We end our tour by asking your students questions and encouraging them to engage with the guide, offering a range of potential suspects and debunking modern myths.

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Walk with the Best

Unlike most tours in London, our team consists of real historians, authors and experts on the case of Jack the Ripper and the Whitechapel murders, not to mention organising the official Jack the Ripper Crime Conference every year since 2012 www.crimeconference.com

These are the premier conferences that bring in the world's greatest experts for a weekend of discussions, debates and lectures. Names such as Professor David Wilson, Donald Rumblelow, Martin Fido, Paul Beg and Keith Skinner have all appeared at our events. This means we are the first to hear of any new evidence, findings, results and suspects that may crop up in the investigation.

TV/Movie Advisors

This isn't all though, as our team have also advised many historical documentaries, authors and TV show and filmmakers, including the famous Ripper Street and London Calling. We have also appeared on Sky News, CBS, The History Channel, Secrets of Scotland Yard and much more. So, who better to teach your students about the ways of the Victorian era and the case of Jack the Ripper than the crime experts themselves?

The most up-to-date Jack the Ripper Tour in London

Hand-held projectors:
We use the latest technology to present the story of Victorian England and the Whitechapel murders. Our Ripper-Vision is a school favourite and has been proven to keep all students entertained.

Streets ahead of the rest:
Most Jack the Ripper tours have been running for over 25 years and hail a bygone time when there were very few facts, no information and we relied solely on hearsay and rumour. Our Ripper-Vision tour was the first and only tour of its kind to bring the case into the 21st century. We have swept away the fiction and Chinese whispers, in order to deliver the cold, hard facts of the investigation.

Modern Criminal Profiling:
Using police reports, eyewitness testimony and psychological profiling taken straight from the FBI criminal investigations, we can, at last, present the definitive story of the Autumn of Terror. This allows us to shed light on not only who the killer may have been, but also where he most likely lived too.

One of the hardest tasks for any teacher is to keep students studying Jack the Ripper, either at GCSE or A-Level, hooked and ensure they are learning at the same time. Luckily, our team recognise this, and that is why we are the ONLY Jack the Ripper tour in London to use:

  • Expert guides with over 25 years' experience
  • Captivating story-telling that brings the tour to life
  • State-of-the-art crime scene photographs/visual aids

We also ensure research is easy to understand, for the benefit of your students. Guides that use hand-held projectors deliver an unparalleled tour and equally enjoyable experience for all involved.

Our world-famous Ripper-Vision in action!




'The most fascinating and thought-provoking tour in London'


The only tour to use modern criminal profiling

For the last 27 years, society's understanding of the motives and patterns of serial killers has evolved on a massive scale. Today, this process is better known as 'Criminal Profiling', and is one of the main tools used by every police force in the world. We remain the ONLY Jack the Ripper tour company to follow and use this method, as well as geographic mapping techniques, created by leading experts, such as:

  • John E Douglas - FBI (one of the first ever criminal profilers)
  • Roy Hazelwood - FBI (the Ripper project 1988)
  • Laura Richard - Scotland Yard (psychological study of violent offenders)

We compare Jack the Ripper to the modern day serial killer, as well as highlight the significant errors and go the extra mile in encouraging discussion with your students. We listen to their theories and answer any and all questions they may have. We love a good discussion, and we're sure your students will too!

Who was the real Jack the Ripper?

The million dollar question; who was Jack the Ripper? The secret identity of the Jack the Ripper has remained a mystery, tucked away in the shadows of Victorian England for more than 127 years. However, with modern criminal profiling and geographic mapping, we can finally narrow down the search. At the end of each tour, we will reveal:

  • The face of the man the police should have been looking for in 1888
  • The area he lived in, and the place the police should have been searching during the Autumn of Terror
  • The type of individual he would have been
  • Why the police were unable to catch him

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