Jack the Ripper Conference

Voted the Number One Event for Anyone Interested in Criminology

whether you are a student, author or amateur sleuth; looking for an exciting weekend of Jack the Ripper studies and true crime investigations.

Every year, we host the annual Jack the Ripper True Crime Conference, a public event which gathers experts in criminology from around the world to come and present their research to our delegates. The weekend covers a whole host of topics including the Jack the Ripper murders, conspiracies and police investigations; a true crime event not to be missed!

To date, this is the largest True Crime Conference in the UK and has been running since 2012. The conference is not only a wonderful event for crime enthusiasts, it is also a fantastic platform for authors - old and new - to come and promote their work with others, plus a fantastic opportunity to engage with their audience over a couple of days.

The weekend events normally take place in a handpicked hotel venue and there is always an opportunity to purchase True Crime memorabilia plus other merchandise, including books, t-shirts, DVD’s and posters.

Past speakers and authors at the True Crime Conference weekend have included;

  • Prof David Wilson - Regarded as the leading Criminologist in the UK,
  • Laura Richards, Criminal Profiler from Scotland Yard,
  • Prof David Canter, Criminal Psychologist
  • Author & Historian, Martin Fido

The conference weekend is organised by dedicated Ripperologists (those that study the crimes of Jack the Ripper), historians and criminologists - including the team here at the Jack the Ripper Tour and features expert speakers delivering a wide range of discussions and presentations.

Some of the things included in the True Crime weekend are:

  • Experts in criminology providing powerpoint presentations and in-depth talks on their chosen subject.
  • Expert panel debate/ discussion
  • True crime pod cast
  • Q&A sessions
  • Book stalls and signings
  • Three course dinner on the Saturday night.
  • Book of the Year Award
  • Collector's conference pack
  • Lunches and refreshments
  • Merchandise and memorabilia
  • Documentary screenings
  • Expert guided tours to places of interest.

This one-of-a-kind event regularly sells out pretty quickly, so it is always best to get your tickets booked early in advance. We offer a small deposit system where you can reserve your space and pay the remainder of the ticket price nearer the time.



 7 Days a Week

AT 5:00PM & 7:30PM

Tour Duration

1 hr 45 mins


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