Exploring the London of 1888

The London of Jack the Ripper has changed dramatically over the last 130 years. Since those dark days of 1888, the area has undergone a remarkable resurgence as a major focus of London nightlife, thanks to gentrification and a change in its social demographic. There are still pockets of the Old Victorian London still left that would be familiar to Jack the Ripper and his unfortunate victims. We visit them every night on our famous Jack the Ripper tour. Over the years, East London has seen it all: Political upheavals, gangland violence, mass immigration and social unrest - but it has also seen a re-birth as a trendy and artistic quarter which has reshaped our opinions of what was once the worst area in London.

We aim to bring you as much information as possible on the world of Jack the Ripper’s London from 1888 and its journey over the last century. We hope you will find it a useful tool for resourcing London history.


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The Jack the Ripper Casebook