Jack the Ripper Suspects

With the identity of Jack the Ripper still unknown to this day, many suspects have entered the spotlight over the years. Numerous different people have been accused of being the Ripper, and the list of Jack the Ripper suspects ranges from the plausible to the downright strange!

Discover some of the key suspects and most notable names that have been linked to the case and learn more about the principal Jack the Ripper suspects, their lives, potential motives, and their connection to the Ripper murders.


German-born Carl Feigenbaum has long since been suspected of being the notorious killer that terrorised Whitechapel. However, it is just one of many theories thrown around in regards the Ripper’s identity.

Our Jack the Ripper Walking tour offers those who are uneducated on his crimes the chance to decide which theory it is they believe to be true or, equally, divulge a theory of their own. When it comes to Mr Feigenbaum, there are numerous arguments for and against that suggest he could be Jack the Ripper.


Joseph Barnett was the one-time boyfriend of Ripper victim Mary Jane Kelly. He is the only suspect who is known to have a direct link with one of the victims.

Born on 25th May 1858 at 4 Hairbrain Court, Whitechapel, Barnett’s parents were John and Catherine Barnett who had originally moved from Ireland to settle in Britain, where John took up work offloading ships by the London docks. Some years later, John would become a licensed fish porter in Billingsgate Market.

By 1871, Joseph Barnett followed in his father’s footsteps and gained his fish porter licence. Joseph was also registered on the census as living at number 4 Osborn Street, in the heart of what later became known as Jack the Ripper’s stomping ground.


In 2015, a new name in the form of Francis Craig was raised as a suspect in the Jack the Ripper case, but who was he? And could he really have been the killer?

With numerous theories released year on year as to whom the killer could have been, it is difficult to take many with more than a pinch of salt. However, there is one theory that refuses to disappear after coming to light in 2015 as a result of Dr Wynne Weston-Davies’ book on Mary Jane Kelly, the last of the Canonical Five.

Prince Albert Victor

Over the years, there have been many theories surrounding the identity of Jack the Ripper. Yet, despite the wide array of suspects and the best efforts of amateur sleuths around the world, the identity of this elusive criminal remains a mystery.

However, while sifting through the list of suspects, one of the most shocking names you might encounter is that of Prince Albert Victor. Could royalty have been the Ripper?


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