Jack the Ripper Suspects

More than 130 years after the infamous Whitechapel Murders, the identity of Jack the Ripper remains unknown. Over the course of the last century, many potential assailants have been cast under the spotlight, some of whom were quite recent in relation to the attacks, but no one has ever been able to pin the gruesome crimes to just one person.

Some Jack the Ripper suspects have convincing profiles that seem to fit the crimes committed over the course of those fateful three years, whilst others are more obscure, and some are simply downright strange! Every Ripperologist has their own take on the most plausible Jack the Ripper suspects and why they believe they could be London’s most famous serial killer, but who do you think did it?

From Prince Albert to James Maybrick, Jack the Ripper suspects encompass people from all walks of life, but ultimately, everything is speculation at this point, with the advancement of modern technology throwing up more questions than it answers. The unknown identity of the serial killer who stalked the streets of the East End is what makes Jack the Ripper just as fascinating now as he was a century ago.

Who knows, maybe a new Jack the Ripper suspect will be revealed over the coming years! For now, discover some of the key suspects and most notable names that have been linked to the case, and learn more about the principal Jack the Ripper suspects, their lives, potential motives, and their connection to the Ripper murders.


German-born Carl Feigenbaum has long since been suspected of being the notorious killer that terrorised Whitechapel. However, it is just one of many theories thrown around in regards the Ripper’s identity.

Our Jack the Ripper Walking tour offers those who are uneducated on his crimes the chance to decide which theory it is they believe to be true or, equally, divulge a theory of their own. When it comes to Mr Feigenbaum, there are numerous arguments for and against that suggest he could be Jack the Ripper.


Joseph Barnett was the one-time boyfriend of Ripper victim Mary Jane Kelly. He is the only suspect who is known to have a direct link with one of the victims.

Born on 25th May 1858 at 4 Hairbrain Court, Whitechapel, Barnett’s parents were John and Catherine Barnett who had originally moved from Ireland to settle in Britain, where John took up work offloading ships by the London docks. Some years later, John would become a licensed fish porter in Billingsgate Market.

By 1871, Joseph Barnett followed in his father’s footsteps and gained his fish porter licence. Joseph was also registered on the census as living at number 4 Osborn Street, in the heart of what later became known as Jack the Ripper’s stomping ground.


In 2015, a new name in the form of Francis Craig was raised as a suspect in the Jack the Ripper case, but who was he? And could he really have been the killer?

With numerous theories released year on year as to whom the killer could have been, it is difficult to take many with more than a pinch of salt. However, there is one theory that refuses to disappear after coming to light in 2015 as a result of Dr Wynne Weston-Davies’ book on Mary Jane Kelly, the last of the Canonical Five.

Prince Albert Victor

Over the years, there have been many theories surrounding the identity of Jack the Ripper. Yet, despite the wide array of suspects and the best efforts of amateur sleuths around the world, the identity of this elusive criminal remains a mystery.

However, while sifting through the list of suspects, one of the most shocking names you might encounter is that of Prince Albert Victor. Could royalty have been the Ripper?

Montague John Druitt

Over the years, many potential Jack the Ripper suspects have been identified and discussed in detail. Police, detectives, and amateur sleuths alike have waded in, all keen to give their opinion and share their thoughts on the Ripper case.

However, one of the names that commonly crop up again and again is that of Montague John Druitt. Who was this man, and could he have been Jack the Ripper?

Michael Ostrog

There are many Jack the Ripper suspects – some are plausible, while others are much less likely to have been the mystery killer. One such suspect that you may not know much about is a man named Michael Ostrog.

But could Ostrog have been Jack the Ripper? We’ve compiled the evidence to help you discover more about this man and make your own mind up as to his guilt – or innocence.

Francis Tumblety

Dr Francis Tumblety was a mysterious individual who came to the attention of the Metropolitan Police in the late 1880s during the manhunt for Jack the Ripper. There were many suspicious circumstances surrounding Tumblety, but could this American doctor have actually been Jack the Ripper?

James Maybrick

Many Jack the Ripper suspects have been discussed over the years. Some are highly plausible, some less so, but with the identity of the Ripper still a mystery, will we ever succeed in pinpointing the man behind the mask beyond all doubt?

James Maybrick is one of the most plausible Ripper suspects due to several pieces of key evidence which came to light after his death. Could James Maybrick have been Jack the Ripper?

Aaron Kosminski

Aaron Kosminki is perhaps one of the most well-known Jack the Ripper suspects, in part thanks to the recent DNA analysis and investigation of a shawl that allegedly belonged to the fourth Ripper victim, Catherine Eddowes. With the modern scientific evidence being branded as unreliable and case files from the actual police investigation inconclusive, how reliably can we claim that Aaron Kosminki was Jack the Ripper?

Walter Sickert

Walter Sickert is one of the most recent Jack the Ripper suspects, having not been named a suspect until some 80 years after the infamous Whitechapel murders. However, those pointing the finger at the renowned artist have invested huge amounts of time and money into proving that he was, in fact, the notorious Jack the Ripper.

David Cohen

Could the identity of one of history’s most notorious killers have remained a secret for more than a century because of a case of mistaken identity? If the theory that pins the Canonical Five murders on David Cohen is correct, then that’s exactly what happened. But how could the police have gotten it so wrong?

Thomas Cutbush

Thomas Cutbush was one of the suspects that The Sun newspaper had their eye on, but could he have been the legendary Jack the Ripper? Read his story here.

Seweryn Klosowski

Seweryn Klosowski, perhaps better known as George Chapman, was a convicted Polish serial killer who was also named as one of the infamous Jack the Ripper suspects. Despite his pseudonym, he bears no relation to the Ripper victim Annie Chapman, but what other ties does Klosowski have with the Jack the Ripper case, and how likely was he to have been the most notorious killer in history?

Dr Neill Cream

Discover all there is to know about Jack the Ripper suspect Dr Thomas Neill Cream and let the facts speak for themselves. Was he the infamous serial killer?

Robert Mann

Robert Mann was brought to international attention in 2009 when author M. J. Trow highlighted evidence to suggest Mann could have been behind the gruesome killings by Jack the Ripper. That said, is there really enough evidence to confidently put Robert Mann’s name forward as a suspect? Here, we will present you with the facts so that you can come up with your own answer.

George Hutchinson

George Hutchinson is a rather mysterious figure in the field of Ripperology. As a suspect, there is little major or forensic evidence which incriminates home – most of the reasoning is simply conjecture. Here we are going to explore everything we know about this unusual figure who faded into obscurity, yet supposedly got closer to the Ripper than anyone.

William Bury

William Henry Bury was living in the East End during the time of the Whitechapel murders, yet wasn’t incriminated as a potential subject until later when his future crimes would resemble those of the infamous Ripper. These murders would end up leading to William’s hanging, but not before the question could be asked – what if he really was Jack the Ripper?


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