New Ripper Suspect Comes to Light

DATED: 05.09.15

According to the Huffington Post, a supposed relative of Ripper victim, Mary Kelly, believes he has cracked the case after discovering his family ties. Dr Wynne Weston-Davies, previously a surgeon, identifies Jack the Ripper as Francis Spurzheim Craig, Mary Kelly’s estranged husband.

Following their marriage, Kelly took to prostitution again, which is said to be the motivation behind the killings if Craig was, indeed, the Ripper. But why, if Mary Kelly was a target, were four other victims brutally murdered? Well, Dr Weston-Davies claims that the remaining four out of five canonical victims were nothing more than a diversion from Craig’s intent.

This isn’t all, though, as it is also speculated that at the time of the murders, Craig, who worked as a journalist, may have actually been exposing his own grisly deeds. The Huffington Post reveals a sketch that was done during an inquest, which features Craig. Learn all about the Ripper and his dark past by clicking here and joining us on one of our London tours!

Dr Weston-Davies uncovered his potential relations to Mary Kelly after turning to The National Archives at Kew. He commented: “The only way of absolutely proving that the Ripper’s final victim was my great aunt is to exhume Mary Jane Kelly’s body.”

“We will then attempt to extract DNA from her bones or teeth and compare them with DNA from myself or my brother who, as far as I know, are her only living relatives.”

While it has been confirmed that Mary Kelly’s potential great nephew has, in fact, inquired and forwarded his research, there is still outstanding paperwork.

On top of this, Dr Weston-Davies will share his research and findings with the world in the book, “The Real Mary Kelly”.

So, with another Ripper suspect on the list, are we getting any closer to unmasking this notorious serial killer? We’ll let you decide.


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