Who Was Hyam Hyams, and Was He Jack the Ripper?


The case of Jack the Ripper is probably London’s biggest unsolved mystery. Since the murders took ...

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The Locations of Jack the Ripper’s Murders


The Jack the Ripper murder scenes are scattered in and around Whitechapel, which sits in the heart o...

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Getting to Aldgate East from London’s National Railway Stations


When attending one of our Jack the Ripper London Tours, you’ll need to make your way to Aldgate Ea...

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Whitechapel Food Hotspots


Our Jack the Ripper London Tour is considered one of the best walking tours in London, and this isn...

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Our Guide to the Best Hotels in Whitechapel


It may be synonymous with the murders of Jack the Ripper, evoking images of dimly lit alleyways bein...

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School is Back On – Join Us on a Jack the Ripper Tour


Are you looking for some inspiration concerning school trips to London? We’re happy to admit that ...

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Keeping the Kids Entertained in the Summer Holidays


With the summer holidays soon coming up, it’s good to see what activities and outings are on offer...

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Complement Our Jack The Ripper Tour With The Coolest Things to Do


6 May 2023 is a very special day for the United Kingdom – we are going to be celebrating the f...

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Did The Real Jack The Ripper Slip Through Their Fingers?


George Chapman, Aaron Kosminski, Charles Cross, Carl Feigenbaum, even Prince Albert Victor, the gran...

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