What to Expect from a Jack the Ripper Tour


Millions of people visit London each year and while many know the story of Jack the Ripper, others a...

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Who was Carl Feigenbaum? And was he Jack the Ripper?


German-born Carl Feigenbaum has long since been suspected of being the notorious killer that terrori...

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Was The Servant Girl Annihilator, Jack the Ripper?


When it comes to Jack the Ripper, there are many theories. Although they will never be proven, here...

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Was Frances Coles a Jack the Ripper Victim?


When you think of Jack the Ripper’s victims, you will understandably feel sorry for them. Over...

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Jack the Ripper: What’s Changed in 130 Years?


As we enter 2018, we officially mark 130 years since the heinous crimes of Jack the Ripper; the city...

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Jack the Ripper Conference 2018


We are very pleased to announce the return of the official Jack the Ripper crime conference for 2018...

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Facing the Harsh Realities of a Victorian Winter


For many of us, when we think of a Victorian winter, we think of rosy cheeks and smiling faces, fest...

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Infamous Christmas Villains


With Christmas on our doorstep, we at the Jack the Ripper tour thought it appropriate to put the s...

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A Festive Murder Mystery


Christmas is all about excitement and fun, presents, decorations and quality time spent with family ...

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 7 Days a Week

AT 2:30PM & 7:30PM

Tour Duration

1 hr 45 mins


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