Jack the Ripper Criminal Profile

While we may never know the identity of Jack the Ripper for certain, modern criminal profiling methods have given us the opportunity to learn more about the type of person that the Ripper would have been. What did he look like? What were his characteristics and personality traits?

The Serial Killer Psychological Profile

Being recognised as Britain’s first serial killer, Jack the Ripper has played a significant role in the forming of the typical serial killer profile. One of the most predominant characteristics that is often touched on is abnormally high or low IQs; however, the psyche of a serial killer goes much deeper than that.

Due to this complexity, it’s fair to say that a serial killer’s psychology exceeds the realms of human understanding, no matter how much research gets invested into such. Someone who kills upwards of three people in a specific way within a short period of time is otherwise known as a serial killer. Their motivation to kill is almost always generated by ingrained hatred or fear, meaning that their victims typically have something in common. By these standards, the Jack the Ripper profile fits that of a serial killer perfectly.

The Jack the Ripper Psychological Profile

One key feature of Jack the Ripper’s character profile is that he didn’t kill for any financial gain or even to torture the victim. Instead, his methods indicated that he killed quickly in anticipation of mutilating the body. As a result, we can infer that he didn’t sadistically gain pleasure from the infliction of pain; alternatively, he wished to dominate his victim using sexual violence. From this, it can be interpreted that Jack the Ripper had an ingrained hatred for his victims, and it was his mission to destroy the person completely.

The victims of Jack the Ripper were predominantly women and sex workers, and he would attack their genital region above all else. This is incredibly sexually suggestive and opens up the questions as to whether he was impotent or even scared of women. Perhaps he believed that removing their sexual organs would strip them of their ability to scare him. Furthermore, his actions may have been a means of seeking revenge on the most dominant female figure in his life, his mother.

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