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Every day at 7:30 pm and selected dates at 2:30 pm and 4:30 pm.

Our tour meets outside Exit 3 of Aldgate East Station


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Over 120 years in the making - The gruesome tale of jack the ripper explodes for the first time into the 21st century...WITH RIPPER-VISIONTM

RIPPER-VISION™ is a new approach to our Jack the Ripper walking tours. Top of the range handheld projectors which emblazon 5ft images upon the dark streets and alleyways of Whitechapel. As we walk the very route the Ripper would have taken, Ripper vision will practically transport you back to a time of gaslight and fog, a period of poverty, disease and silent footsteps in the shadows as the Ripper hunted his prey. 

On our Whitechapel Jack the Ripper tour, you’ll see the city like never before with our RIPPER-VISION™ experience, comparing the London of years gone by to the modern metropolis you know and love today. Learn the trails that police officers of the day followed, peek into the lives of the Ripper’s unfortunate victims and query the minds of our knowledgeable tour guides. Not only are they experts on the world of Jack the Ripper, having written guides and books on London’s most gruesome murders but they are extremely well-informed on the local area.

Join London’s most popular Jack the Ripper tour every day and night of the week at 2:30 pm and 7.30 pm. Regarded as the best Ripper tour in London by Tripadvisor, we are the most up to date Jack the Ripper walking tour in the city. Don’t just listen to the mystery killer’s story, immerse yourself in it.  


Private School Tours

Our Jack the Ripper Private School Tours are designed to complement the current curriculum and aide in history studies for students. During our walking tour, we focus on the Whitechapel of 1888, discussing the social conditions and the policing methods used in the hunt for Jack the Ripper, a fantastic look into the London of time’s past. An excellent learning opportunity for students interested in the dark history of the capital or who are keen to learn more about Britain’s most infamous serial killer. Ignite the spark of loving history and inspire the budding criminologists among your class.

Our tours are not only voted number one on TripAdvisor, but we have also been awarded the quality badge for learning experiences outside of the classroom. Private school tours can be carried out at any time that suits your group, on any day. Contact us now for the best prices in London and confirm your place on the capital’s best Jack the Ripper tour.


Private Group Tours

Experience your very own private Jack the Ripper tour with us. You set your preferred time and date and if you are staying nearby, we will even stop by to pick you up. We can stop off for a drink in one of the few original Victorian public houses that the Ripper and his victims would have passed by and stood in themselves all those decades ago. We are the only Jack the Ripper tour in London to offer such an experience!

Private tours are tailored to suit your requirements and preferences, including the option for us to organise dining before or after your tour and recommend all the best local places to visit. A private London Jack the Ripper tour with us is certainly an experience you’ll never forget!


Why Choose Us for Your London Jack the Ripper Walking Tour?

Jack the Ripper is one of London’s greatest unsolved mysteries and still today experts are working to uncover the truth behind the city’s grisliest time in history. Our guides are some of the best-versed and knowledgeable in the world of Jack the Ripper and are recognised authors on the topic. Not to mention, each of our guides is a dedicated member of the cloak and dagger theatrical club so you can be sure to experience a tour like never before.



Jack the Ripper Private Tours

The very best in Jack the Ripper private tours

Book your own private tour with us for London’s top Jack the Ripper walking experience. Walk the streets the infamous serial killer used to haunt, stop for a drink in one of the Ripper’s potential hang-outs and immerse yourself and your group in our exciting Jack the Ripper tour with RIPPER VISION™. We are the only Jack the Ripper tour group to offer these opportunities and you don’t want to miss out. Perfect for corporate groups, stag or hen parties, birthday parties or simply an excuse to get together with good company.

Jack the Ripper School Tours

An Experience Your Students Will Never Forget

Take a school tour to remember with our Jack the Ripper private school tours, not only do we explore the area the infamous Ripper used to stalk, we explore the differences between 1888 London and the city of today. Delving into the details between historic and modern policing, how the killer was able to evade the hard-working bobbies on the beat and the social impact the murders had during the time. Ideal for history classes and criminology studies or simply as a reward for students who have an interest in the murky history of our sprawling capital.

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Voted No.1 on Trip Advisor

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 7 Days a Week

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The Jack the Ripper Casebook

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Nobody knows why the murders stopped and for decades rumours have been circulated that the killer must have died, or committed suicide.Perhaps his family locked him away in an asylum or maybe he left the country to pursue his bloodlust somewhere else.One thing that is for certain, along with the other killer(s) involved in the Whitechapel murders, his true identity has never been ascertained.The Ripper case is best described as a great whodunit novel with the back page ripped out. For the last 130 years, generations of armchair detectives, historians and researchers have attempted to fill in that page with their preferred choice of suspect.As early as the second of the canonical five murders, the game of hunt the Ripper had begun. Local residents of the area were focused on a shadowy character that went by the nickname ‘Leather Apron’.Butchers, doctors and slaughtermen would follow, each taking their place as the new hot favourite to be the killer.The police at the time put forward their own theories as to who the killer may have been. Some, namely Sir Robert Anderson, who was assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, went so far as to say the killer was identified but could not be prosecuted.Other senior detectives suggested the killer may have fled the country or drowned in the Thames. Some just maintained the killer was never caught. It seems they all had their own story to tell.By the 1970s the Ripper’s story had moved out of the East End, climbed the social ladder and was now dining with royalty or perhaps drawing some grand pieces of art. As the years progressed he was even writing classic novels such as Alice in Wonderland.He seemed to be moving further and further away from where the crimes happened. So maybe now, after 130 years, it’s time we brought the Ripper back home.Let us return to the crime scene and strip down the Ripperology beast to the basic origins of the investigation. From here, let us look at the suspects that present themselves to us and ask some very important questions.If the murders happened today, who would the police consider a person of interest?With this in mind, we have taken two key principles of the investigation. Who did the police seriously suspect and who was in the immediate area at the time?These are the questions all modern researchers should be asking and we hope this book will help you find the answers.Who was Jack the Ripper? The most in-depth study ever undertaken on the most likely suspects, is available now to pre-order -