Kelly’s Kin: A New Link To The Ripper?


Imagine being a relative of Mary Jane Kelly…Jack the Ripper’s final victim. Well, Wynne Weston-D...

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Jack the Ripper and…Dracula?


A connection between Jack the Ripper and revisions made to Dracula by Bram Stoker may not be as loos...

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Is Jack the Ripper Real?


Perhaps one of the most shocking claims ever to surface regarding the Ripper case is the question if...

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Jack the Ripper, The Royal Connection


There have been many theories about the identity of the Ripper. Most of them have been inconclusive;...

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Why The Real Ripper Will Forever Remain a Mystery


Debate and speculate. This is the case with the mystery that surrounds the Jack the Ripper saga. Aft...

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What If Jack The Ripper Was Around Today?


Over the years, the public interest in the Jack the Ripper case has gathered an extensive level of i...

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Fictional Diary Entry of an East End Resident


Sunday 2nd September 1888 The streets of the East End are unforgiving, emotionless even. The divide ...

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Jack The Ripper Mystery Finally Solved?


Having remained elusive for more than 125 years, one would have thought that Jack the Ripper would a...

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Martin Fido: The Man Who Caught Jack the Ripper


The Jack the Ripper tour is proud to announce our latest team member: Martin Fido. Martin is joining...

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