Kelly’s Kin: A New Link To The Ripper?

DATED: 21.10.15

Imagine being a relative of Mary Jane Kelly…Jack the Ripper’s final victim.

Well, Wynne Weston-Davies not only believes that he is a relative but also that he has uncovered the person that hides behind the name Jack the Ripper.

Wynne’s great aunt,  Elizabeth Weston-Davies,  married in the early part of 1885, to an older man named Francis Craig. The pair had met via a shared friend, William Morris, founder of the Arts and Crafts movement of the time.

However, the romance was short-lived as only eight months into the union, Elizabeth fled upon her husband announcing her secret money-making ways. Elizabeth was acting as a high-class prostitute.

It was later revealed in divorce documents that Francis had tracked down his former partner and was attempting to stalk her. Upon realising that she was trapped, Elizabeth decided to change her name and flee to The City’s East End in search of freedom from her ex-husband.

Upon moving and changing her name, Elizabeth Weston-Davies was not to be heard of again and lived to serve a wholly different type of client in a bid to remain afloat financially.

A further three years later, Jack the Ripper struck again; in his most vengeful and horrific attack, Mary Jane Kelly had been brutally mutilated and killed.

Wynne believes that he can adequately evidence the fact that it was his great aunt Elizabeth, who was now named Mary Jane Kelly. It is thought that the motive is clear to Wynne that Francis had a motive and a rage to kill, and unleashed his pent-up anger and distaste in a most vicious attack.

Upon the discovery of Mary Kelly’s corpse, there were no further Ripper victims, nor was ‘Jack’ caught, despite a variety of arrests and suspected leads.

However, in 1903 Francis Craig was recorded as committing suicide with the aid of a knife. In Wynne’s further investigation, it transpired that Francis was also a failed medical student, giving reason to the Ripper’s knowledge of the human body and his anatomical understanding.

Weston-Davies has found further information via his contacts in the medical profession, which have enabled him to build a profile of Francis Craig and his mental health. The long and short of it amounts to the fact that he was far from a mentally sound individual.

Wynne is now adamant that the body of Mary Jane Kelly should be exhumed in order to find compelling evidence that she was, in fact, the estranged Elizabeth.

It is rumoured that a number of Film and Television companies have expressed a great deal of interest and may be willing to write the cheque for the costs incurred.

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