Naming Jack the Ripper by Russell Edwards – Our Review


Naming Jack The Ripper – Russell Edwards – Review After our initial blog post on the his...

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Naming Jack The Ripper! Catherine Eddowes’ Shawl – The “Turin Shroud” Of Ripperology


Naming Jack The Ripper – Russell Edwards Over a century and a quarter has passed since the Jac...

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Has Jack the Ripper Truly Been Unmasked?


In the year’s following his merciless killings, Jack the Ripper has remained shrouded in mystery, ...

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The Most Outlandish Jack the Ripper theory of all time!


We all know the drill when it comes to conspiracy theories; there are ones that are based upon factu...

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Who Was the Real Jack Behind “Jack the Ripper?”(Part2)


The way in which Jack the Ripper (JTR) dissected his first crop of unwitting victims lead police to ...

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Who Was the Real Jack Behind “Jack the Ripper?” (Part1)


The mystery of “Jack the Ripper” still lingers to this very day; the recounting of his murderous...

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Jill the Ripper


Over the years there has been a wealth of Jack the Ripper suspects; between the investigators at the...

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Will the real Mary Jane Kelly please stand up?


The intriguing mystery of Jack the Ripper’s final victim. Crime historian Richard C Cobb ponders t...

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Jack the Ripper Never Existed! Trevor Marriott Claims


The notorious Jack the Ripper is no stranger to fame. Intentionally or not, you will have read about...

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