Who Was the Real Jack Behind “Jack the Ripper?”(Part2)

DATED: 13.06.14

The way in which Jack the Ripper (JTR) dissected his first crop of unwitting victims lead police to believe that he may have been proficient in more than just the act of killing. Seemingly pinpointing specific areas to mutilate he went on to kill Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes and Mary Kelly in an equally graphic fashion.

His killing methods unquestionably brutal on the surface twinge with a subtle echo of methodical malice. This leads me to believe that he possesses traits of obsessiveness and accuracy. Jack the Ripper didn’t attack sporadically or blindly, he attacked with a level of precision and direction. This sort of premeditated thinking stands to only emphasise the mystery of his actual profession. Judging from his affinity towards sharp weaponry, it would be highly likely that he’d be in close proximity to sharp objects or things of that nature.

Motive of the man

We know that Jack the ripper targeted prostitutes specifically this could’ve been for a whole host of reasons including:

Social Standing: Prostitutes were reviled by the higher dignitaries of society (or purists) as intolerable; their very presence was seen as a nuisance. Jack the Ripper would’ve been well aware of the public disliking for prostitutes, possibly using it as a means of justifications. It was entirely possible that he regarded himself as something of a hero, sending out a grotesque message to the other women who dared to work the streets.

Reduced chance of backlash: Targeting the so called dregs of society (though inhumane), was probably viewed as a lesser crime compared to that of a more respected section of society. The police (I assume) in the earlier stages of the spree would’ve taken a slightly more lax approach towards the case, viewing it as a more of a freak occurrence.

Ease of the kill: Due to the nature of the “business,” prostitutes regularly endanger themselves in the pursuit of money. So it would’ve been easy for Jack to lure women into secluded areas under the false pretence of sex.

Jack the Ripper was undoubtedly an opportunist with a great deal of knowledge; it was highly likely he knew a lot about:

The London Layout: To avoid being caught either in the act of murder or fleeing a scene JTR would’ve definitely had a detailed knowledge of the back alleys and streets of London. He’d also know the hotspots for lone working girls, probably stalking a number of them to see where they roamed.

Anatomy: The selective and at times seemingly deliberate nature of the wounds he’d inflict upon his victims demonstrated a level anatomical knowledge or fascination. I say fascination because like the curiosity of cat JTR seemed to (in my opinion) exhibit an underlining obsession for unearthing the human flesh.

Peak time: To pull off what some would consider the “perfect murder” you’d need to assess when the perfect time would be. JTR would’ve had a good idea of the goings on in London and would’ve acted accordingly.

Personality traits of the ripper

There are varying accounts which paint JTR in a number of different lights. Below is my profile of JTR personality.

Other accounts of JTR profile



The enigmatic and ultimately elusive Jack the Ripper will forever be the one who got away, the one who got away with the murders the one who got away from justice.


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