Has Jack the Ripper Truly Been Unmasked?

DATED: 05.09.14

In the year’s following his merciless killings, Jack the Ripper has remained shrouded in mystery, leaving behind nothing but apprehension and suspicion. Labelled as one of the most notorious serial killers in history, the fact that no one has ever been truly identified as ‘THE RIPPER’ makes his (or her) case all the more interesting, if not curious.

While many have tried and failed to fight their case on who they believe Jack the Ripper was, there have been a few cases that do more than just catch the eye. From members of the Royal family to famous writers, in amongst the bold and bizarre theories there are a handful of thought-provoking concepts that continue to make us wonder.

At the same time, many Jack the Ripper suspects have weak motives for the gruesome murders, so not a lot of them actually have a sufficient amount of weight to their story. These theories are, more often than not, overlooked and taken as nothing more than a simple concept.

However, here is something that we simply can’t ignore. Recent rumour suggests that the Jack the Ripper case may have been sussed once and for all! And by whom we may ask? Russell Edwards; a businessman and property developer from Hertfordshire, with a keen interest in London’s East End and Jack the Ripper.

So, has Russell Edwards really cracked the code and finally revealed the true identity of the Ripper?

In his new book, Naming Jack the Ripper, which is set to be released on the 9th of September 2014,  Edward’s highlights a backstory that no other theory has managed, as of yet, to portray.

Naming Jack the Ripper is, of course, a book based around the Ripper murders however; it has a seemingly substantial piece of evidence that may just give this particular case the winning ticket. Rumour has it that a significant amount of DNA matter has been found in Catherine Eddowes’ shawl. However, is this a genuine concept or is it the result of a game of Chinese whispers? We’ll see, but either way we can just feel the excitement brewing from Ripper enthusiasts everywhere as they await the release of Edward’s book to find out more.

The book has also received fantastic reviews with the likes of Waterstones calling it the “first truly convincing case for identifying the world’s most notorious serial killer”.

So, could this be the moment we’ve all been waiting for? Has Jack the Ripper truly been unmasked?

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