Jack the Ripper and Black Magic


We are all familiar with the most common theories surrounding Jack the Ripper, but with so much spec...

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Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper – Would the Mystery Have Been Solved?


Is it merely a coincidence that the character of Sherlock Holmes was created by Conan Doyle in 1887 ...

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Was Elizabeth Stride Really a Jack the Ripper Victim?


Those familiar with the tale of the Ripper will probably be well aware of the identities of the cano...

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Does the Knife Reveal Jack the Ripper?


The nature of the murders that took place in Whitechapel lead many to believe that Jack the Ripper h...

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Jack the Ripper: Russian Cult Initiate?


In amongst the many usual Jack the Ripper suspects, there are also plenty of pretty bizarre theori...

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Ripper Suspects – A Masonic Conspiracy?


For years, there have been many theories and conspiracies flying around about the identity of Jack t...

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Could the Double Event Have Been Prevented?


The Date: September 30th, 1888 The Location: Whitechapel, London The Double Event This fateful nig...

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Was the Ripper an Impulsive Killer?


While it is easy to get caught up in the ‘whodunnit’ aspect of this case, understanding who Jac...

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Is there Truth behind the Theories?


It has been almost 130 years since the ghastly and gruesome murders of women in the East End of Lond...

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