Jack the Ripper and Black Magic

DATED: 22.08.17

We are all familiar with the most common theories surrounding Jack the Ripper, but with so much speculation around the case, there are many questions which still remain unanswered. Over the years, hundreds of potential Jack the Ripper suspects have been put forward with dozens more being investigated by police and detectives at the time. But amongst all the usual names and theories, have you ever thought about the possibility that Jack could have been involved in black magic?

Black magic, otherwise known as necromancy, is the practice of forms of magic which utilise spirits and demons. It is often synonymous with the performance of dark occult rituals – could this be what happened in Whitechapel all those years ago?

Rituals, Evidence and Jack the Ripper Suspects

Many black magic rituals required the inclusion of horrifying substances and ingredients. From both human and animal body parts to other sinister items, this could prove to be a reason for the terrible mutilation of the victim’s bodies.

Another key piece of evidence which supports this theory is the fact that the locations of the murders form a cross when outlined on a map, with connecting lines drawn between the sites. While this may first appear to be a rather tenuous link, the defamation of holy and religious symbols like the cross was another big part of black magic.

The Ripper’s Motive Identified at Last?

This evidence can cause us to ask whether the murder locations were chosen deliberately in order to form the shape of a cross. Were the victims simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, or were their identities carefully chosen to support a dark ritual? Carefully-planned choice or pure coincidence, there is certainly an undeniable amount of evidence to support this theory.

Of course, this theory might not help identify the Ripper himself, but it may have assisted with narrowing down the wide field of Jack the Ripper suspects. Establishing the motive is one of the biggest unanswered questions surrounding the whole case, which is why this theory might just have some firm ground behind it.

All of this may sound like a far-fetched idea, but at the time, superstition and beliefs were far more open to such concepts than they are today. And of course, since the crime has never been solved, you never know – the Ripper could well have been an individual involved with black magic.


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