Was the Ripper an Impulsive Killer?

DATED: 19.07.16

While it is easy to get caught up in the ‘whodunnit’ aspect of this case, understanding who Jack the Ripper was is just as important if a prime suspect is ever going to come to light. The way in which he stalked and killed his victims could hold clues as to the sort of person he was.

We’ve looked at why he targeted his victims and how he escaped capture – and got away with a series of murders, but today we are going to look at how he killed on those fateful evenings in 1888.

Were the murders cold and calculated? Or were they impulsive and irrational? Let’s review the evidence.

The mutilation of the victims was abhorrently violent in nature which indicates a crime of passion. That being said, his modus operandi often involved strangulation and asphyxiation as well as a straight clear cut across the throat to drain the victim of blood in a controlled manner. This allowed him to keep his crime scenes and himself as clean as possible.

It certainly appears that the Ripper enjoyed his work, and the attacks seem to be very well considered and executed – which may have aided his escape, as any man emerging from the shadows covered in blood would most likely attract attention.

Suspects that demonstrated hedonistic characteristics would be thrust into the limelight.

Serial killer experts, as well as the FBI, have released research that indicates cases like the Jack the Ripper one; as the work of an extremely organised individual, who classes each victim as a ‘practice makes perfect’ exhibition of control. The motive is likely to be found within the personality of the killer, if nowhere else.

Had a suspect ever been caught and tried, he would probably have been found to have criminal intent in his actions based on the way in which he methodically killed his victims. Capture may have also led to the discovery of a motive for the killings. To date, all we have is speculation.

All the evidence and research seem to suggest that not only was Jack the Ripper far from impulsive in his reign of terror but that his attacks were, in fact, pre-meditated.

When it comes to the age old question of identification, knowing who Jack the Ripper was might well remain a mystery for many years to come, but the theories are often compelling and persuasive.

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