What If Jack The Ripper Was Around Today?

DATED: 05.01.15

Over the years, the public interest in the Jack the Ripper case has gathered an extensive level of interest, inviting many theories to come to light. However, whilst almost every possible outcome has been assessed within the case, something perhaps not so commonly addressed is the question of why this murderer is so celebrated.

Today, we witness frequent and ever more horrific murders saturating the news and dominating our police forces’ efforts. However, it is exceedingly rare that we might choose to visit the murder sites as a ‘day out’ or tourist attraction.

So, why is it that Jack the Ripper has captured our interest and normalised these feelings of terror and intrigue, despite his horrific crimes? This article will seek to illustrate just why this murderer in particular has captured the hearts and minds of the public.

Tragedies that have occurred in the past seem to form a disassociation with those of us learning of them decades later. This may be because we have not felt the anguish and atmosphere at the time of such a crime. Modern day press has an uncanny manner of stirring up emotions and reactions to crimes and individuals.

120 years on though, it is difficult for today’s society to stretch out the fear and horror associated with a killer who, whilst never found, is most certainly deceased.

Some critics have claimed that the obsession with The Ripper is something of a misogynistic adoration as tours and talks seek to turn these gruesome murders into a profitable industry.

However, others have addressed the fact that this historical case has offered an unprecedented level of education, both to the public and to the police forces, not to mention the press, in the way they deal with such atrocities.

Undoubtedly, a severe lesson was learnt for those who were prostitutes or walked the streets alone, and this continued in the way of a warning.

Practicing Ripperologists are engaged with researching the case and mystery, and while most will accept that there will only ever be theories and conspiracies, it is the ambiguity that offers the intrigue. As with many of the historical mysteries surrounding unsolved cases, the public develop an unequivocal interest and take on the role of ‘detective’.

With the level of uncertainty surrounding the case, anything goes, within reason. People can get their hands on all kinds of information, enabling them to immerse themselves in the case. In doing so, any connection or bond is increased and therefore a fascination also develops. However, this does not necessarily mean they are in agreement with the ‘celebratory’ attitude of this treacherous crime toward the women that endured such horrors.

This said it is important that when you begin delving into this heinous crime, you collect together as many facts as possible, rather than hearsay and suspected facts.

The Jack the Ripper tour we offer covers all the cases in a respectful manner, and remains dignified towards the victims of this evil criminal. We use ‘RipperVision’ technology to give a true representation of the entire Jack the Ripper case, allowing visitors to determine their own conclusions to the mystery.


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