Did Jack the Ripper Exist?

DATED: 20.05.16

One of the most common questions debated about among Ripperologists, fanatics, authors and sceptics is the one you might expect: Who is Jack the Ripper? At this stage, 128 years later, nobody can ever be 100% certain that we will ever find out but that doesn’t stop the theories and conspiracies.

To date, the number of suspects reaches triple digits with a handful of these making it to the police’s list of prime suspects. However, no matter how hard people have tried, the identity of the infamous killer looks set to remain a mystery.

Challenging the Ripper Myth: The Theory of Non-Existence

Some of the more out there theories involve doctors, Royalty, and even travelling Americans but one that is less common goes against everything the experts and fanatics believe. This one is simple and to the point: Who is Jack the Ripper? Nobody, he did not exist. The man behind this claim is author, Simon Wood.

Wood is the first to admit that, of course, the Whitechapel murders happened. His agreement with history books ends there, however, as he believes the notion of one killer for all the murders was one created by the Police and the media. Why? To make the people in the East End of London feel safer.

So, what made him question who Jack the Ripper was? The biggest giveaway in the official story was that on the night of the Double Event, the murders were spaced a mile apart with only 40 minutes between the time of death.

Wood believes that the lack of evidence and discrepancies with the MO suggest to him that the murders were largely unrelated, especially when it comes to the Canonical Five, and more so The Double Event. Other experts have suggested that there may have been more than one killer, but always working alongside Jack the Ripper.

If the Ripper didn’t do it – or even exist, who did kill all those women? In his book, Wood goes into detail about police involvement, an American politician and an undercover policewoman.

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