Emma Elizabeth Smith: The first Jack the Ripper Victim?


Any Ripperologist worth their money is familiar with the Jack the Ripper victims and the now infamou...

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Hiding Out: A Jack the Ripper Map


129 years ago, the residents in the East End of London were still reeling from the last of the infam...

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Victorian Policing Failures


Just who was Jack the Ripper? A question that has been asked time and time again since the Victoria...

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Spotlight On: The Canonical Five


The atrocious murders committed by the callous and vicious Jack the Ripper are something that many b...

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Ripper on the Move


News of serial killers in our midst here in the UK are always that little bit more shocking. Why? Fi...

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Jack the Ripper: Then and Now


It’s been 128 years since Jack the Ripper terrorised the streets of Whitechapel, stalking his vi...

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Getting Away with Murder


There isn’t much that people can do now that Jack the Ripper has managed to stay elusive to the ...

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Britain’s Worst Serial Killers


What’s in a name? Jack the Ripper is an instantly recognisable name.  It is a name that is capabl...

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Evading Capture


As one of the biggest unsolved crime mysteries in history, the Jack the Ripper case is one of the mo...

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