Jack the Ripper wasn’t the only gruesome Victorian killer…


Here at Jack the Ripper tours, we give you an unparalleled insight into the dark and dingy back stre...

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Welsh author calls for Ripper case files to be made public


According to Wales Online, Swansea-based writer Tony Williams recently called for Metropolitan Polic...

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Do the police know the identity of Jack the Ripper?


In May 2011, Scotland Yard fought an extraordinary legal battle to withhold 123-year-old secret file...

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Jack the Ripper: The forgotten victims?


In the strange case of Jack the Ripper there are always constant debates between researchers as to h...

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To catch a killer: The hunt for Jack the Ripper


During the hunt for Jack the Ripper throughout the autumn of terror 1888, many ideas and suggestions...

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Jack the Ripper and the Yorkshire Ripper


Between July 1975 and January 1981, 13 women where horrifically murdered in Yorkshire, Northern Engl...

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Jack the Ripper: What We Know


Jack the Ripper is a man with no confirmed identity yet he has become a symbol of Victorian London...

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The Reality Of The Whitechapel Murders


The East End of London, 1888. The streets are laden with brothels and opium dens and the cobbled pat...

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Top Five Fictional Detectives


We came across an article that listed the top five fictional detectives from history and it left us ...

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