Jack the Ripper: The forgotten victims?

DATED: 28.03.14

In the strange case of Jack the Ripper there are always constant debates between researchers as to how many victims the Whitechapel murderer actually killed.

Officially police sources say there are five.

Known as the canonical five victims, they are:

Mary Ann Nichols: 31st August 1888
Annie chapman: 8th September 1888
Elizabeth Stride: 30th September 1888 (first victim of the double event)
Catherine Eddowes: 30th September 1888 (second victim of the double event)

Mary Jane Kelly.

However, the passage of time and our now extensive knowledge into serial killers, their motives and background would strongly suggest earlier attacks must be considered. No serial killer has ever emerged fully formed and committing their preferred attacks, they are a progressive killer, working up in violence and brutality.

If we apply this thinking to the Jack the Ripper case then we must consider 3 more cases.

Ada Wilson: 28 March 1888

At approximately 2.30am Ada Wilson, a seamstress, was about to retire to her bed at her lodgings at 9 Maidman Street, Mile End, when there was a knock on the door. There a man stood, around 30 years of age, 5 ft 6inch tall, wearing a wide awake hat. He demanded money; Ada refused and received two stab wounds in the throat from a clasp knife. She screamed alerting neighbours and the man quickly fled. Luckily Ada Wilson was taken in time to the London hospital and was able to recover from her wounds. Her assailant was never traced but interestingly her description does match later descriptions of Jack the Ripper.

Annie Millwood: 25th February 1888

Annie Millwood, 38 years of age was attacked and stabbed about the legs and lower torso by a strange man with a clasp knife. Like Ada Wilson she survived her ordeal but said she did not recognise her attacker. No witnesses came forward and her attacker was never caught.

Martha Tabram: 7th August 1888

Martha Tabram was a 39 year old prostitute living in the east end who was found on a stairwell in the early hours of 7th August 1888. She had been stabbed a frenzied 39 times. The attack concentrated on her neck, abdomen and lower body. Her killer was never apprehended. 3 weeks later the body of Mary Ann Nichols would be found, starting the autumn of terror.

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