Britain’s Most Notorious Serial Killers


Jack the Ripper is widely regarded as the first British serial killer and, unfortunately, many have...

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Why do so Many Serial Killers Target Sex Workers?


It’s no secret that the typical serial killer profile depicts a hatred of women, particularly sex...

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A Brief History of Criminology and Criminal Psychology


Crime and punishment have evolved greatly since the Victorian-era but, even to this day, studies ar...

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The Victorian Murderers You Haven’t Heard Of

When it comes to Victorian murderers (and murderers in general) there’s one who reigns supreme: J...

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The Police in Victorian England: What Were They Like?


The police are a part of everyday life and it would be almost unimaginable to think of a world wher...

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What was it really like to live in Whitechapel, London in 1888?


Gas lamp-lit streets and dark, foggy alleys didn’t offer the residents of Whitechapel an in...

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Were The Police to Blame For Not Catching Jack the Ripper?


Were The Police to Blame | Read Our Blog | JackTheRipper

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Jack the Ripper: A Criminal Profile


Psychopaths and sociopaths are popular psychological terms when describing violent monsters which h...

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Jack the Ripper Letters: Dear Boss


It is regarded as the most infamous letter in the history of crime and with good reason.  Known a...

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