Were The Police to Blame For Not Catching Jack the Ripper?


For over 130 years, the police investigation of the Jack the Ripper murders has been portrayed as in...

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Jack the Ripper: A Criminal Profile


Psychopaths and sociopaths are popular psychological terms when describing violent monsters which ha...

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Jack the Ripper Letters: Dear Boss


It is regarded as the most infamous letter in the history of crime and with good reason.  Known as...

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Was Frances Coles a Jack the Ripper Victim?


When you think of Jack the Ripper’s victims, you will understandably feel sorry for them. Over...

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Infamous Christmas Villains


With Christmas on our doorstep, we at the Jack the Ripper tour thought it appropriate to put the s...

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5 Curious Facts About Jack the Ripper


There are countless theories and private investigations about Jack the Ripper that have been doing...

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Would Modern Police Have Caught Jack The Ripper?


In 1888, the methods and technology used to catch criminals were far behind what is available today ...

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Mary Ann Cotton: Britain’s First Serial Killer


We’re all familiar with the tale of Jack the Ripper, but have you ever been curious about other t...

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Emma Elizabeth Smith: The first Jack the Ripper Victim?


Any Ripperologist worth their money is familiar with the Jack the Ripper victims and the now infamou...

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