Getting Away with Murder


There isn’t much that people can do now that Jack the Ripper has managed to stay elusive to the ...

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Britain’s Worst Serial Killers


What’s in a name? Jack the Ripper is an instantly recognisable name.  It is a name that is capabl...

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Evading Capture


As one of the biggest unsolved crime mysteries in history, the Jack the Ripper case is one of the mo...

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Mapping Out the Ripper Criminal


There are a number of myths that surround the phenomena of serial killers, thanks to their portrayal...

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Putting the Ripper into Context


In the late 19th century, London was a city divided. The West End was flourishing, prosperous and a ...

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The Consequence of DNA


The year 2016 marks 128 years since Jack the Ripper was active and walking amongst the people of Lon...

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Copy Cat Criminal


The Jack the Ripper crimes were as prolific and infamous as they come. As one of the biggest unsolve...

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Psychoanalysis of the Ripper


With the coldest case on the planet still hot on the lips of psychologists, criminal profilers and f...

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Jack the Ripper Confessions


We all know that Jack the Ripper was never caught, and with no concrete evidence emerging from polic...

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