Method Behind The ‘Madness’


There are a fair few theories surrounding Jack the Ripper suspects,  and a further list of vict...

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Should We Solve the Ripper Mystery


Although never found, Jack the Ripper has become one of the most notorious figures throughout histor...

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Will The Ripper Mystery Ever Be Solved?


126 years, and counting. That is how long the Ripper has eluded the law. Even though it is safe to a...

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Why the Ripper Case Can’t Be Closed Based on DNA Evidence


There has been much speculation of late, regarding the most recent development in the Jack the Rippe...

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Mistakes Made by Police in the Ripper Case


The Ripper case is more than a century old. Suffice to say, the person who created havoc, not just i...

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3 Notorious Victorian Killers


The Victorian era played host to a number of unusual figures, not to forget brutal murders. It is sa...

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Possible Jack the Ripper Residence Discovered


The identity of Jack the Ripper is a 125 year old mystery; one that spawned countless theories, urba...

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Jack the Ripper: The Investigating Officers


During the investigation of the Ripper case, there were actually two separate police forces investig...

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Jack the Ripper – Was there a spate of preliminary murders?


When it comes to the Whitechapel murders, it is largely believed that there were five victims, Mary ...

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