Should We Solve the Ripper Mystery

DATED: 01.05.15

Although never found, Jack the Ripper has become one of the most notorious figures throughout history. Through rumour, the legacy of this infamous serial killer has lived on, leaving behind an air of intrigue and mystery that suffocates the East End of London. But would solving the Ripper mystery be such a good thing…?

Of course, it’s natural that we thrive on Chinese whispers and gossip, which is what makes the Ripper story all the more interesting. The fact the culprit was never caught is what has given birth to an astounding amount of theories, Jack the Ripper tours, books and other paraphernalia; all things we love and enjoy, both as a treat and day to day.

Arguably, if the murders were ever solved, even after all this time, there would be a massive buzz of excitement on behalf of Ripperologists and those just interested in the story! It’s likely that more books would be published on this incredible finding, and other sources of entertainment would hit the market too. However, once this excitement settles, then what?

Yes, the mystery has been solved, but at the same time, the exhilaration that comes with reading up on the theories and even creating your own based on facts and what we believe; is lost with the discovery.

Part of what makes this case so interesting is the many, many identity concepts behind it, not to mention the nature of the killings and the reason behind such grisly acts. Part of what draws us in is the whole idea of possibility i.e. could it have been Van Gogh? Was a hatred towards women really the motive that inspired these events?

Should we solve the Ripper mystery? We’ll leave answering that question down to you. In the meantime, you can join us on one of our tours and discuss your own theories behind the case with some of our experts.


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