Possible Jack the Ripper Residence Discovered

DATED: 05.09.14

The identity of Jack the Ripper is a 125 year old mystery; one that spawned countless theories, urban legends, conspiracies, dozens of books and even a few block buster movies. And while question still remains as to the identity of the Ripper, some experts believe that they might have just found the residence where he lived.

Possible Ripper Residence Identified

Flower and Dean Street in London’s notorious East End has been cited as the possible residence of the Victorian serial killer. 125 years is a long time but today with the help of state-of-the-art technology, criminologists and “Ripperlogists” have been able to pinpoint the area where the killer most likely lived.

Reaching this conclusion involved exhaustive research and fact finding. For one, the latest geographical profile techniques were utilized based on the locations of Ripper’s five victims. Even though the Ripper is suspected to be involved in multiple murders, the MO of the “infamous five” clearly reflect Ripper’s work without any ambiguity. Based on those locations experts concluded that the area of Flower and Dean Street located just off Brick Lane in Whitechapel, in the East End of London, is the place where the Ripper lived.

This is a big find; one that would compel people who are taking the Ripper tours to check out those streets immediately. Unfortunately there is bad news. Both streets no longer exist after being bombed in the Second World War.

Why Flower and Dean Street

One of the key reasons why experts zeroed in on this area was because of its foul reputation. Even in the 1800s, the street was infamous for its brothels, opium dens and doss houses. Some even called it “the wicked quarter mile” based on the length of the street and the festering slum it accommodates. Even in the original Ripper police reports, it was categorized as the foulest, most dangerous street in the whole metropolis. Such locations are breeding grounds for trouble and lots of investigations tend to ultimately lead to such places. Many detectives working the Ripper case during that time also believed that it was the likely location of the Ripper.

However without conclusive testimony or evidence, nothing can be said for certain, until now. A mathematical model was used to pin point the area and ultimately the location. All the victims including the five, lived very close to Flower and Dean Street. On one of the murder sites, an apron was found on Goulston street belonging to Catherine Eddowes. According to recent analysis, if a line is drawn between the location of the victim’s body and the apron, it would suggest that the Ripper was heading towards Flower and Dean Street. It is very likely that he was on his way home after committing the murders.

The identity of Jack the Ripper is one of the most intriguing mysteries of our time. To this day, there is a cult following and genuine fascination with the Ripper saga and it will continue to remain until the real Ripper will be identified; as unlikely as that might sound.

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