Getting Away with Murder

DATED: 15.09.16

There isn’t much that people can do now that Jack the Ripper has managed to stay elusive to the world for over 128 years. New theories constantly arise; some theories stick around for some time, while others are disregarded almost immediately. All we can realistically do is speculate on the ‘what-ifs.’

There are many questions that plague the mind of Ripperologists though, such as “Would the Ripper be caught if he was alive today?” and “How did he get away with it?”

The majority are inclined to think that yes, he would be caught in this day and age, and here’s why.

Experienced Crime Scene Investigators 

No, we’re not talking about the popular TV show. However, the ever popular CSI series has turned your average TV junkie into an almost decent crime scene investigator. There is so much information depicted on TV that it’s made everyone an expert, or, at the very least, they think they are.

That aside, crime scene investigation as a discipline and field has expanded tremendously over the decades. There are has been numerous technological improvements and scientific developments in this area with new methods and tools being actively used to investigate a crime scene. The investigators themselves are methodical in their approach and trained to separate fact from fiction in order to construe probable theories.

One of the issues that led to not being able to trace the Ripper back in the days was based largely on the fact that there wasn’t any concrete evidence found at the crime scenes and the scarcest of witnesses.

Advanced Technology

The Ripper would not have it so easy in today’s technological world. Police protection and monitoring technology have advanced by light years latterly. With more people on the ground and a fast awareness programme using TV, radio and other forms of media in addition to newspapers; people can be kept safe and on their guard.

And let’s not forget about the video drones that now circle metropolitan cities in different parts of the world as part of a surveillance effort by law enforcement.

To conclude, there is no doubt the Ripper would have been caught should he be trying to spread panic in Whitechapel today. All this makes for good speculation, but the fact of the matter is that the Ripper’s identity remains elusive after all this time. We are no closer to solving the murder now than we were back in the 19th century.

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