Evading Capture

DATED: 23.06.16

As one of the biggest unsolved crime mysteries in history, the Jack the Ripper case is one of the most well-known and talked about stories around the world. There is a plethora of other serial killers who have garnered as much notoriety over the years, including Ted Bundy.

Ted Bundy was described an evil and sadistic psychopath, who took pleasure in owning and possessing his victims in both life and death. He was charged with the kidnapping and murder of three people and was sentenced to death for each, but before his execution, he admitted to at least 30 other murders over a number of years before alluding to many more. Some of the murders he confessed to were entirely unknown to the police. His official kill tally is approximately 30-36 but he could have killed as many as 100 girls in his 42 years.

Different but the Same

Much like the Jack the Ripper victims, Ted Bundy had a “type”. He selected victims that were attractive – primarily with longer hair that was parted down the middle – and they were often students, although some were just children. He was a law student, who was fairly intelligent and was known to be a charmer, as well as handsome.

Able to gain the trust of his victims with ease, Bundy was also cold-hearted and without remorse. He planned and prepared each murder meticulously and was able to leave behind very few clues due to technological restraints at the time and a lack of scientific DNA profiling.

These similarities between the Jack the Ripper victims and Bundy’s are not the only comparisons between the two cases. Many believe the Ripper came from an educated background and with some kind of medical training, due to the nature of his crimes. Both killers left behind very little in way of evidence and took charge of their victims without raising suspicion.

Justice is Served

While he was caught, charged and even sentenced, Bundy managed to escape from prison not just once but twice in one year. The first escape attempt lasted just a few days, but his second attempt saw him as a wanted fugitive for almost two months. In that time, he killed two more victims and seriously injured three more.

He was eventually recaptured and after a fast-track through the appeal process, he was executed by electric chair in Florida, on 24th January 1989, aged 42; taking with him the full details about his life’s “work”, the victims he killed and their whereabouts.

Unlike Bundy, Jack the Ripper was never brought to justice and his victim’s families could never find true closure. For the months following the Autumn of Terror, the East End of London was still gripped with fear that a killer was still walking amongst them, day in day out. However, with the police no closer to a prime suspect over a century later, it is safe to say that Jack the Ripper evaded police capture indefinitely.

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