Were The Police to Blame For Not Catching Jack the Ripper?


For over 130 years, the police investigation of the Jack the Ripper murders has been portrayed as in...

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A Strange Centenary – 1988


2018 marks the 130th anniversary of the Whitechapel Murders with the year’s annual Jack the Rippe...

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Jack the Ripper: Crime Scenes Today (Part 2)


Berner Street (now Henriques Street) The crime scene of Elizabeth Stride was the first location to ...

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Jack the Ripper: Crime Scenes Today (Part 1)


Every day hundreds of people take part in Jack the Ripper guided walks, exploring the very streets ...

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Why did Jack the Ripper Become a Serial Killer?


The secret identity of Jack the Ripper has baffled the world for more than 130 years. The elusive V...

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What is a Serial Killer?


The term “serial killer” is one that we are all familiar with. The phenomenon is not a ...

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Jack the Ripper: A Criminal Profile


Psychopaths and sociopaths are popular psychological terms when describing violent monsters which ha...

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Who Wrote the Jack the Ripper Letters?


There have been well-documented cases of serial killers sending letters to the press and police, of...

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