Which is the Best Jack the Ripper Tour?

DATED: 02.01.19

Which is the best Jack the Ripper tourIf there’s one thing for certain when visiting London, it’s that you will have a fair share of guided tours available to pick from. The Jack the Ripper tour is one of the most popular nighttime activities for thousands of UK travellers visiting the capital city, and it’s not hard to see why!

During the autumn of 1888, five women were brutally murdered in and around the Whitechapel area of London by a killer who vanished into the shadows, time after time. Theories on the Ripper’s identity have ranged from a deranged butcher to a noble Prince, but today, we are still no closer to definitively knowing who Jack the Ripper really was.

Nowadays, the case is regarded as the world’s most infamous murder mystery and it continues to fascinate all who journey into London’s East End to follow in the footsteps of the police investigation.

Many tours offer this experience, which is why it’s important to pick the best tour that suits you and your group.

One of the best tours in London is the world-famous Jack the Ripper tour with Ripper-Vision. It’s been hailed as the most up-to-date and visually-stimulating experience on offer in Whitechapel, the Ripper’s old stomping ground.

Below is a list of reasons why Ripper-Vision is being hailed as the best Jack the Ripper tour in London.

It Runs Twice a Day

Nearly all Ripper tours run at one time only at night, which means that if you are coming to London on the weekend it might be difficult to juggle your plans to accommodate this experience. We know this, which is why we offer a day time tour to suit everyone who has other plans in the evening. This effectively frees travellers up to visit the West End and take in a show without having to miss the Jack the Ripper tour, offering the best of both worlds!

Expert Guides

Unlike most Jack the Ripper tours, our tour only employs true crime enthusiasts as guides. These experts have not only studied the crimes of the Ripper but have also written books on the subject as well. One of these books even won the book of the year award in Liverpool in 2017.

Several of the Ripper-Vision team organise CrimeCon – the largest crime conference in the UK. They also regularly visit the national archives to review the original police files, so they are first to hear of any new developments or suspects in the case.

Visual Aids

When telling the story of Jack the Ripper, it is essential that you get the full picture of how the case unfolded.  This is where our Ripper-Vision projector really excels. By projecting large images onto a nearby wall or street you feel as though you are experiencing not only a tour but a fascinating visual presentation in the back streets and alleyways of London’s East End. Many of these pictures have never been seen before and have been specially put together to give you a real feel of how the Whitechapel of 1888 looked then compared to now. At some points, you really do feel as though you are back in Victorian London!

Your Tickets Remain Valid

We have a unique tour policy which states that if you are unable to attend the tour or you miss it for some reason, your ticket will remain valid until you wish to come again. This prevents our visitors from having to worry about attending a specific tour on the night, giving much more freedom and flexibility.

So, there you have it folks, just some of the reasons why the Jack the Ripper tour with Ripper-Vision has impressed thousands of visitors to London over the last 10 years. To experience one of the best tours in the UK for yourself, book your place on the tour today!


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