Is Today the 100th Anniversary of Jack the Ripper’s Death?


On 24th March 1919, a Polish man named Aaron Kosminski died in Leavesden Asylum, where he had been a...

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Our Jack the Ripper Walk


Join our Jack the Ripper walk as we explore the streets of London’s East End, getting to know some...

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Was Jack the Ripper Captured by Paranormal Investigation?


In 1888, during the height of Jack the Ripper’s murderous exploits in the East End of Victoria...

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Which is the Best Jack the Ripper Tour?


If there’s one thing for certain when visiting London, it’s that you will have a fair share ...

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Dr Francis J. Tumblety: The American Ripper


One of the most plausible Jack the Ripper suspects to have emerged in recent years is Dr Francis Tum...

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Was Jack the Ripper an American?


Jack the Ripper is the father of modern-day serial killers – the smiler with a knife who slaug...

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Mary Jane Kelly – The Final Victim of Jack the Ripper


Mary Jane Kelly – Marie Jeanette as she called herself – is the mystery girl of the Jack the Rip...

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Mary Ann Nichols – The First Victim of Jack the Ripper


Mary Ann Nichols, known as Polly, was born on 26th August 1845. When she was 18, she married Willia...

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