Was Tom Cutbush Jack the Ripper?


Over the years there have been plenty Jack the Ripper suspects, however none of their histories quit...

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Join the Ripper hunt


The famous unmasked murderer, Jack the Ripper, has been becoming a growing trend again with more and...

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The many masks of Jack the Ripper


Some of us know Jack the Ripper by only his name and not his story. So, who was Jack the Ripper and ...

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Was Robert Mann Jack the Ripper?


It is has been said by many experts that Jack the Ripper was never caught, the police case is still ...

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Top Five Fictional Detectives


We came across an article that listed the top five fictional detectives from history and it left us ...

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MORE Jack the Ripper Suspects Come To Light


Every few months another suspect of the infamous 1888 killer of prostitutes in Whitechapel come to l...

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Are You Sick Of The Sight Of Chocolate Easter Eggs?


Easter Eggs have been in the supermarkets long before the Christmas decorations and gifts were remov...

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