Could Dr Thomas Neill Cream Have Been Jack the Ripper?

DATED: 30.08.13

Jack the Ripper Walks in London are fast becoming the favourite tourist attraction for people of all ages, some attendees on a Jack the Ripper Walk are fully aware of the ins and outs of the Jack the Ripper murders, but some visitors just know him through his gruesome murders.

There are over two hundred people, who have been suspected of being Jack the Ripper, but the question is still unanswered – who was Jack the Ripper?

In this article we discuss the possibility of Dr Thomas Neill Cream being Jack the Ripper. Dr Cream was born in Scotland; he then moved to London for an education and worked as a doctor in Canada and Chicago. However, Dr Cream was no any old doctor – he secretly specialised in abortions.

In the year 1881 Dr Cream was found to be responsible for killing several patients of both sexes via poisoning. The strange thing was that there was no suspicion of murder in these cases but Dr Cream demanded a full examination of all of the dead bodies. It seems this was a way to draw attention to himself –for reasons that people are still unsure of, but some feel it may have been so he could kill the ladies in the way in which Jack the Ripper did.

Dr Cream was imprisoned in Illinois and then released in July 1981. Further to good behaviour, his sentence was shortened and he got an earlier release date.

Dr Cream then moved back to London, he continued killing people and was arrested quickly by the police and he was later sentenced to hanging. In November on 1892 he was hanged and his last words were said to be “I am Jack”. People feel this was him admitting to be Jack the Ripper.

However, it seems Dr Cream was imprisoned when Jack the Ripper was on his killing streak, so how could he have completed the murders. How could Dr Cream be Jack the Ripper?

Jack the Ripper experts and Ripperoligists from across the world have suggested that Dr Cream may have bribed the officials to let him leave the prison before his official release date and this was how he killed the ladies and got away with it. Alternatively, it is thought that he bought in a look-a-like to serve the prison term in place for Dr Cream.


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