What are the Similarities Between H.H. Holmes and Jack the Ripper?


H.H. Holmes and Jack the Ripper were both notable Victorian serial killers, and over the years, vari...

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Dr Francis J. Tumblety: The American Ripper


One of the most plausible Jack the Ripper suspects to have emerged in recent years is Dr Francis Tum...

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Was Jack the Ripper an American?


Jack the Ripper is the father of modern-day serial killers – the smiler with a knife who slaug...

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The Top Five Jack the Ripper Suspects


Warning - this article contains graphic content. For over 130 years, the murders committed by Jack ...

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The Childhood of Jack the Ripper


Jack the Ripper is well known across the world for his murder spree that took the lives of five wom...

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What was Life Like in the 1800s?


During the time of Jack the Ripper, many people fell into one of two categories – the rich or ...

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Who was Carl Feigenbaum? And was he Jack the Ripper?


German-born Carl Feigenbaum has long since been suspected of being the notorious killer that terrori...

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Where Was Prince Albert Victor During the Ripper Killings?


Of the many suspects linked with the Jack the Ripper murders, one name that can seemingly ...

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Who is Francis Craig? And Was He Jack the Ripper?


In 2015, a new name in the form of Francis Craig was raised as a suspect in the Jack ...

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