Similarities Between H.H. Holmes and Jack the Ripper

DATED: 05.09.17

Jack the Ripper, the infamous serial killer, started his murderous stint from the streets of East London in 1888. His ruthless murders and victims are still an unsolved mystery and the identity of the man still remains unknown to date.

While Jack was lurking around, haunting people with his brutal murders in the fog lit alleys of the Victorian streets of Whitechapel, there was another killer gearing up in another continent, H.H Holmes.

H.H Holmes was known to be one of the first American serial killers who skinned and severed his victims’ bodies in his Illinois hotel, before dissolving the bodies in acid. Born as Herman Webster Mudgett to a wealthy family in 1861, he was a doctor and went on to own a pharmacy which he later converted into a hotel. He started his murderous record in 1893, terrorising the city of Chicago. However, he was eventually detained and hanged in 1896.

Jack the Ripper Vs. H.H. Holmes

A lot has been mentioned of the similarities between the two killers. In fact, many historians have gone on to say that these two men could possibly even be the same person!

Some things strikingly common between the two was that their victims were predominantly women and both have psychopathic and gruesome murder histories.

Jeff Mudgett, a qualified lawyer, who also happens to be the great great grandson of Holmes, claims Holmes and Ripper are indeed the same person.

According to him, the Scotland Yard visited the US in search of the Ripper as they were suspicious he was hiding there. He also believes Holmes was behind the London murders, that were said to be carried out by Jack the Ripper. He believes Jack the Ripper carried out the murders that killed five prostitutes and escaped to the US to dodge the British police who were on the lookout for him.

Jeff went on to say that, the investigation was aborted half way and this helped Holmes get back to business in Chicago. He submitted handwritten samples of both Jack and Holmes for review. Handwriting experts have confirmed that they could likely be written by the same person.

Few more theories have been trotting around the globe, that the mutations Jack conducted on his victims looked like a work of a skilled doctor. This draws us to another eerie similarity between Holmes and Jack the Ripper – Holmes was a qualified Doctor and this influences you to connect the dots between the two murderers yet again.

An Unsolved Mystery

The theories are never ending. The similarities between the two killers are plenty, yet, more than a century later, the identity of the murderer responsible for the canonical five still remains a puzzle. But, the hunt is still on!

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