Was Tom Cutbush Jack the Ripper?

DATED: 30.06.13

Over the years there have been plenty Jack the Ripper suspects, however none of their histories quite compare to the story of Thomas Cutbush.

In 1891, 3 years after the murders started, Cutbush was admitted to Lamberth Infirmary to be treated for delusions which had been thought to be caused by Syphilis.  However, within the next few days, Cutbush escaped and stabbed one woman and after the first, he attempted to stab another.

Once his case was looked into, it was determined that he was criminally insane and he was admitted to Broadmoor, a high-security mental institute. Due to Cutbush being sectioned, it was never proven that Cutbush was the killer. However due to his violent behaviour towards both the nurses and his own mother and the repeated threats to the nurses about ripping them open with a knife and hanging them, he posed as a strong suspect.

Not only that, it is also said that Broadmoor has detailed descriptions of this suspect which match perfectly with previous eye-witness’ testimonies regarding Jack the Ripper. In one document, it is specified that he has ‘brilliant blue eyes’ accompanied by a limp, a fitting description from a witness who claimed to have seen the murderer. Also, it was found that as soon as Cutbush was admitted to Broadmoor in 1891, the killings came to an end and the streets of Whitechapel were restored with peace. Can this just be pure coincidence?

As a known psychopath, Cutbush was said to be a nocturnal character who would spend the majority of the day studying various medical books and he would often spend nights away walking the streets of London. On his return, his family stated that he would come home with splatters of mud and blood on his clothing.

This information sounds promising and fits perfectly with the nature of Jack the Ripper’s killings as the remains of the bodies suggested in depth knowledge about human anatomy, certainly the type of thing medical books offer on a platter. Despite all fingers pointing to Cutbush, it is also true that he was previously interviewed about the Ripper murders after he stabbed a woman on his escape; however this was dismissed due to the fact that the police could not place Cutbush in Whitechapel at the times of the murders.

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