Who Was Jack the Ripper – Was It Lewis Carroll?

DATED: 15.07.13

Hundreds to thousands of people go on Jack the Ripper Tours and Jack the Ripper Walks around Whitechapel, London every year. This is because people are fascinated with the stories, there are so many suspects yet nobody knows who Jack the Ripper actually was.

In this article we discuss whether Lewis Carroll, the writer of the Alice in Wonderland stories was actually Jack the Ripper, or is this in fact another wild and whacky guess at who Jack the Ripper could have been?

One of the first suspicions arose when Lewis Carroll called the main character Alice; this was also the name of one of the women murdered by the infamous Jack the Ripper.

It seems that the way of Carroll’s writing, especially the leaving out of letters and words to make the passages flow is very similar to the way that Jack the Ripper wrote his letters to the police and newspapers. So much so that Lewis Carroll says “It wriggled about so” and Jack the Ripper says “she wriggled about so”, both sentences are not worded in the best way yet both are so similar – could this mean that Lewis Carroll was Jack the Ripper?

Reports also state that Lewis Carroll was quite the man of mystery, nobody really knew who he was, where he went or what he did in his spare time – but does that really mean he was Jack the Ripper?


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