Was Sir William Withey Gull Jack The Ripper?

DATED: 15.08.13

Jack the Ripper Tours around the East End of London are incredibly popular, hundreds of people every day go on the Jack the Ripper Tour to find out more about this gruesome murder tale. The reason he is so famous was that to this day, he was never caught.

There are well over two hundred suspects who may well have been Jack the Ripper but nobody knows for sure and this is why the Jack the Ripper Walk is such a popular tourist attraction.

In this article we will discuss the potential of Queen Victoria’s physician-in-ordinary, Sir William Withey Gull, being Jack the Ripper.

Sir Gull has been featured as Jack the Ripper in many fiction books and films due to the dramatic nature of his story and how the case may have played out if he was Jack the Ripper.

It seems that the fingers that are pointing towards Sir Gull as Jack the Ripper because of an ‘odd item’ connected to his career. It seems that Sir Gull was one of the physicians called to home of Charles Bravo, a famous barrister, in 1876.

Like the other physicians called to the home (The Priory), he did what he could do but due to no-one fully understanding the nature of the poison involved in the barrister’s body, what Sir Gull could do was hampered.

However, what made Sir Gull stand out from the other physicians was his bedside manner. What Sir Gull did in regards to the horror of the speeding events or sheer desperation was not something that would calm or ease the dying man’s mind as this is why fingers began to point his way.

Sir Gull later went on to testify and in fact insist that the death was due to suicide.


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