Was Jack the Ripper a Painter?

DATED: 15.10.13

Being huge fans of Jack the Ripper tour, we all are aware of Jack the Ripper and the gruesome acts that made him the face of terror in the late 19th century. Many theories have come out time after again as to who Jack the Ripper really was. Some people said he was a doctor while others said he was a policeman. Some even believed that Jack the Ripper was a member of the Royal family. A recent theory has only added to the mystery, portraying Jack the Ripper as a painter.

For years and years it was known as a conspiracy theory that Jack the Ripper could be a painter but recently, a painting was found that the famous writer Patricia Cornwell claims was created by Jack the Ripper himself. The painting, which has no name on it is said to be more than 80 years old and has been unknown since its first exhibition in 1930.

The painting was examined shortly after its discovery and was given the name “The Blind Sea Captain”. We have provided a photo of the painting in this post along with the photo of its artist Walter Sickert. Patricia Cornwell claims that making a painting on this subject was never the style of Walter Sickert because he was always interested in pursuing other artistic ventures.

The painting eventually went on auction where it was sold for £60,000. It was by no means a masterpiece but as soon as the name Jack the Ripper got associated with it, its value skyrocketed as a lot of people started showing interest in buying it.

To this day, this theory remains just that, a theory. We have yet to find out if Patricia Cornwell intentionally blamed the deceased artist for being Jack the Ripper or it was just a stunt to sell an old painting for a lot of money. That truth will always remain elusive to us just like identity of the real Jack the Ripper.


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