Why People Still Talk About the Ripper

DATED: 01.12.14

It’s been more than 125 years, people rarely even talk about celebrities that long and yet for some reason, Jack the Ripper continues to intrigue yet disgust, fascinate and yet frustrate us all. Countless books have been written on the subject not to mention many film interpretations of the Ripper era. There is even whole tours such as www.thejacktherippertour.com. All this has managed to keep the interest alive when it comes to Jack the Ripper. To this day, people are hoping for a breakthrough discovery that will change the course of the investigation and ultimately result in a conviction leading to the identity of the real Ripper.

Today’s post will look at some of the reasons why this is still such a popular topic so many years later; and why Jack the Ripper is yet to have exited our conversations 125 years on.

The Countless Conspiracy Theories

There have been numerous conspiracy theories surrounding the identity of the Ripper. These have been some of the primary reasons for such a huge interest. Dozens of conspiracy theories; some with substance some completely ridiculous arose over the years. Even a royal connection was made which involved someone from the royal family masterminding these gruesome murders. Regardless of their validity, they proved to be good gossip, entertainment and nice headlines but it did little to offer any sort of clarity for the case or clear up any confusion. The theories surface even to this day but something conclusive is yet to come up and cement the case closed. Visit our website to discover really who is Jack the Ripper!

The Sheer Terror And Its Impact

The late 1800s was a particularly difficult time for Whitechapel residents, a largely immigrant population. Opportunity for crime was ripe and as a result the residents were cautious by nature. However, the sheer magnitude and frequency of the killings created an all-out panic, not just in Whitechapel but throughout the country.

Not only did residents have to contend with the tough economic prospects of the country, they also had to bear the brunt of the terror that the Ripper instilled. By the time the Ripper had slayed the infamous five victims fear had a new name. The message was clear, no one was safe – anyone could become the victim. This created a panic among the already tense public.

Elusive To This Day

The number one thing people find fascinating, disgusting and intriguing about the entire Ripper saga is that despite the best efforts of police, he was never caught. Even after 125 years, the case remains open. The Ripper was never caught nor punished for his crime, which has resulted in the immense sense of intrigue surrounding the case.

These are some of the reasons why the Ripper still lives on. Hundreds of thousands of people take The Jack The Ripper Tour all year long to walk the same streets as him and his victims. Until the identity of the Ripper is solved, the saga will go on and the case will continue to remain open, shrouded with mystery and confusion.


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