To Walk Or Not To Walk?

DATED: 03.10.15

Do you get frightened easily? Or does the thought of blood and guts make you a little squeamish? Perhaps you sometimes imagine what goes through a serial killer’s head, and how abnormal they may be compared to us mere, mortals?

Do you wonder if events in their life have determined their final true character, or do you think they may have been disturbed from the very beginning?

If you have ever heard of Jack the Ripper – the serial killer that stalked the streets of Whitechapel – then many thoughts and questions may have crossed your mind. Perhaps his final victim, Mary Jane Kelly was his ultimate revenge on womankind. But what led him to perform killing after killing, in the most notorious and horrifying of ways? Was Jack the Ripper a complete stranger to his prey, or was he closely associated with any of his chosen victims? Was there a sequence or a message, or was he just a little too close to home, as they say?

The mind wonders, but cannot fathom the horrific details of the murders committed by the cold-blooded Ripper. Still, the same key questions remain; who was Jack the Ripper? And why?

Feed your mind and come along to the VIP event of the year this Halloween, as we here at Jack the Ripper tours bring you a special event, with a night packed full of horror and fear. Join us for a three-course spooky meal in the dark, and let us entertain you with the horrors that lurk within (and way beyond) your imagination.

Not only this, but Halloween 2015 marks a special anniversary for Arthur Conan Doyle, who – exactly 100 years ago – made an attempt to identify the notorious serial killer known as Jack the Ripper.

Join us and walk along the very streets paced by the Ripper himself, as we take you back through the history of him, his crimes and his numerous victims.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate tour, hosted by Sherlock Holmes, with a few more spooky encounters along the way, as well as some great entertainment.

The event will begin at the Mumbai Square Indian Restaurant, E1 on Saturday 31st October 2015.

To ensure you never forget this Halloween, click here for more information on this tour and how to book your place. We’ll see you there!


 7 Days a Week

AT 5:00PM & 7:30PM

Tour Duration

1 hr 45 mins


The Jack the Ripper Casebook