Three Odd (and very Victorian) Inventions

DATED: 19.07.15

As we all know, not all practices and hobbies during the Victorian era were…well, conventional, to say the least. Of course, we did learn from this period, and we gained a few handy inventions along the way, but what about the others that didn’t quite make the cut?

Well, we can safely say, these came by the bucket load. From creations more complicated than the simple task itself to inventions that really had no purpose at all; admittedly, the Victorian era saw it all.

To see what we mean, keep reading, as we take you through just three odd (and very Victorian) creations.

A Machine that Smokes FOR You

Though there may be some hidden meaning behind the Smoking Machine, it is unlikely that we will ever discover it. It is thought that this machine was created to banish awkward silences in a room full of non-smokers (if there ever was one), so smokers could enjoy a smoke freely. During this time, of course, smoking was legal indoors, and we assume this machine just added to the existing cloud of smoke that encased many establishments.

A Secret Weapon

The Photogenic Revolver sounds and looks like something out of a crime fiction series, and it is exactly what it says on the tin (or ‘book’). The revolver is disguised as a book and camera, which is also complete with a lighter. We can’t imagine how this might have worked, but aren’t we all glad this invention didn’t make it very far!

Spherical Velocipede

Our final, and no less bizarre, invention from the Victorian era is the Spherical Velocipede. Out of all the vehicles (if you can call them that) tried and tested, this has to be one of the strangest. Essentially, it is a transparent sphere complete with a rod going from end to end, as some form of support for the individual using it. We assume it is powered by your own feet, so, really, it is just walking (in style).

These are just three odd inventions from the Victorian period. Do you have a favourite or any others you believe deserve a place on this list? For more information regarding famous Victorian events, then visit our website to be truly amazed.


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