The Perfect Jack the Ripper Tour this Halloween

DATED: 17.10.17

While the weather we are experiencing during daylight hours may not be as autumnal as you might expect at this time of year, one thing is for sure: when the sun sets and darkness takes over, we are almost certainly in the midst of autumn – and Halloween is right around the corner.

With things going bump in the night and the foggy mornings rolling in, it’s time to turn your minds to all things spooky, creepy and altogether horrifying! Celebrate this All Hallows’ Eve with the perfect Jack the Ripper tour and make this Halloween one to remember!

The autumn of terror may well have rocked London town almost 130 years ago, but the mystery and intrigue live on to this very day. The world’s most famous unsolved crime was committed by a serial killer so notorious that he draws people in from all over the world to follow his horrific and macabre actions to this day – Jack the Ripper.

The Options are Endless

With Halloween drawing ever nearer, now is the time to get into the spirit of the occasion with a haunting Jack the Ripper tour. Whether you dress up to get into character, follow the tour with a spooktacular night out with your pals or simply want a creepy, eerie evening full of mystery, then you’re in the right place.

Halloween and Jack the Ripper

Although the killer had all but disappeared without a trace by the time Halloween rolled around in 1888, the East End of London was still reeling from the spate of heinous murders committed at the hands of Jack the Ripper. Emotions were heightened and people were on their guard for fear they might be next on the Ripper’s hitlist – but little did they know, they had all but seen the last of him. Or had they…?

Our Halloween tour takes you on a murderous journey throughout Whitechapel and the East End of London, visiting the murder sites and other points of interest in this infamous true story. The darker side of London is brought to life with Ripper-Vision technology and our tour guides are Ripperologists – experts in the field of this notorious killer.

If you want to be a part of something special this Halloween, then act now! Tickets are limited for Tuesday 31st October, but we are running tours daily for a night of shock, horror and intrigue. You can book your tickets here!

Tours leave at 7.30pm sharp from Exit 3 Aldgate East Tube Station – so get your Halloween finest on and we’ll see you there!


 7 Days a Week

AT 5:00PM & 7:30PM

Tour Duration

1 hr 45 mins


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