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DATED: 25.07.23

Are you looking for some inspiration concerning school trips to London? We’re happy to admit that we may be a little biased, but we truly believe that we’re able to offer one of the best school trips in London. Filled with mystery, suspense, excitement and, of course, education, the Jack the Ripper Tour is an ideal learning opportunity for students of all ages.

We’ve worked extensively to create a tour that combines an in-depth analysis of the events that took place with captivating storytelling. From this, we hope to craft an educational experience in which students remain interested and engaged in the information being presented to them.

What’s more, we ensure that we’re up to date with the latest curriculum so that GCSE and A-Level students alike can benefit from the tour. We don’t just discuss the gory murders carried out by Jack the Ripper, but we also share our knowledge of the Victorian era as a whole, including the 19th-century police investigation techniques. So, read on to discover what can be gained from one of our London school trips!

Jack the Ripper Tours London Walks

We don’t just pride ourselves on being one of the most respected Jack the Ripper Tours; we’re also proud to say that we offer one of the best school trips in London. This is achieved via the provision of exclusive content, including original photos and police sketches from the era, as presented by our Ripper-Vision handheld projector. All of this takes place in the exact spots in which the incidents occurred, which only adds to the immersive feeling that’s created by the tour.

Quite simply, the Jack the Ripper Tour isn’t just a walking and talking activity; instead, students are able to benefit from the exciting visuals of Ripper-Vision. From police reports to psychological profiling, we work to reproduce the definitive story of the Autumn of Terror. Consequently, we’re able to shed some light on who the killer may have been and where you might have found him during the time.

Essentially, we provide traditional imagery via modern methods in order to transport students back to the 1800s in a captivating manner.

Expert Tour Guides

Our tours aren’t run by just anyone; the team at the Jack the Ripper Tour consists of real authors, historians, and all-around experts about the Whitechapel Murders. In fact, members of our team have been involved in organising the official annual Jack the Ripper Conference since 1996. This team of experts is sure to provide the most up-to-date, exclusive information, which is ideal for students learning about the time period and the truth behind the legend.

Just to emphasise the status and experience of our team, it’s worth mentioning that they have advised on and appeared in a number of historical films, TV shows, books, and documentaries, including London Calling and Ripper Street. This is on top of our appearances on The History Channel, CBS, Sky News, Secrets of Scotland Yard, and many more. So, we don’t use the term “expert” lightly; there really are very few people out there that are able to match our level of expertise.

The Educational Experience

Our Ripper-Vision really sets us apart from the other Jack the Ripper tours in London, as it really allows us to bring the tour to life in a modern way that appeals to young audiences. We don’t need to play on the fiction to make the reality seem interesting; instead, we present the cold hard facts of the investigation in visually appealing ways without shying away from the gruesome details. As a result, we’re proud to say that we have one of the most educational Jack the Ripper Tours that London has to offer, differentiating between fact and speculation.

The Jack the Ripper Tour for Primary School Pupils

There’s no escaping the fact that the history of Jack the Ripper is a gory one. As a result, you might think that it’s not quite the experience you want to have primary school children engage with. Despite this, our team has experience in dealing with people of all ages, meaning we’re well-equipped to relay what happened in a way that won’t scare or overwhelm younger audiences. In fact, if you’re concerned about the information we might present to primary-aged groups, we’d be more than happy to give you a rundown of what we’ll go through and will accommodate any changes that you feel need to be made.

Out Of School Trip Ideas In London? Join Us On A Jack The Ripper Tour

If you have any questions regarding the contents or organisation of our tours, please head over to our FAQ section. If you don’t find the answer to your question there, we’re always happy to have a chat with anyone interested in our tours! So, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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