Point of View: Jack the Ripper

DATED: 06.09.16

There have been countless books written on Jack the Ripper, his victims and various suspects over the years, and that’s one of the things that frustrates many historians. Simply put each author choosing Jack the Ripper as a topic for their novel includes their own research and speculation, which can change the realities of Jack the Ripper, as well as moving the current theories in an unknown direction.

Though no one can be 100% sure that Jack the Ripper was the man who killed all those women, at least we have common facts or stories from those times which encouraged us to think along those lines.

Today, all the books, articles, comics, movies, TV shows, documentaries and video games made on Jack the Ripper have moved the story towards a whole new level of fact merged with fiction; thus, making it harder for us to comprehend the facts.

Philip Sugden is one of those men who wanted to bring only the facts about Jack the Ripper, which is why his book ‘The Complete History of Jack the Ripper’ holds a great worth for the unbiased readers who want to know the real facts. These facts have nothing to do with the fiction that has been spread in the last century and more.

The writer was frustrated because people distorted the real story in order to make money out of it, so he decided to highlight each and every detail of Jack the Ripper that had been faded.

With more than 500 pages of truth-based Jack the Ripper facts, the author takes us on a ride that is not as scary as other fictional novels, but it surely is just as gruesome.

The writer talks about who the Jack the Ripper was enquiring with to see if he was the con-man Michael Ostrog, psychopathic wide-killer George Chapman, wealthy barrister Montague John Druitt, seemingly harmless lunatic Aaron Kominski or someone else entirely! He goes on to provide details of evidence from the old and new investigation techniques to make the readers aware of what evidence was available to police, too.

The crimes that Jack the Ripper committed took place back in the late 19th century and since, there have been countless murderers who used crazier and sicker ways to kill people. So if you are looking to read about Jack the Ripper, be prepared to feel some chills down your spine; it won’t be easy – especially when what you read is based on cold-blooded facts.

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