Likely Fears of the Ripper

DATED: 09.12.14

Here at we understand that everyone has fears, even the most unlikely of suspects. From creepy clowns to what lurks in the dark, there’s no escaping the things that make our spines shiver and our hearts race. This is what makes it all the more intriguing to discover what fears prominent figures in history had, notably serial killers.

Often regarded as cold and soulless, even the most ghastly killers were bound to have a fright or two, especially those in olden times. This may be due to significant beliefs in ghouls and demons, or perhaps a lack of understanding or the scientific backing that suggests there isn’t such a thing – though this is still widely disputed.

Let’s go back some time though, to when one of history’s most notorious serial killers stalked the streets of London under the cloak of night. Jack the Ripper is a name that has remained throughout history, making identifying the face behind the murders all the more enthralling.

Instead of taking you through a list of potential suspects though, let’s focus on how this post began; fears.

Despite his reputation as a heartless character, there is no doubt that Jack the Ripper would have had some fears to face during his time. So, let’s take a look at a few of the most likely fears of Jack the Ripper. Click here for Londons coolest and most informing Jack the Ripper walks today!


While this dark figure stayed anonymous even after his time, witnesses could have been the Ripper’s greatest fear. Simply eradicating any witnesses would have drawn greater suspicion and may have led the police force at the time to discover him.

So, what could he do? Only hope, we imagine. Though there were a few individuals that claimed to have witnessed the murders, or at least had something to contribute about the killings, there was no solid evidence to determine who the Ripper was. This inevitably sent the police in circles and left them hoping that someone somewhere would come forward and wrap up the Ripper murders, which leads us onto our next section.

Identification and Persecution

It’s not enough for the Ripper to be identified; the intense fear of being persecuted for his horrific crimes would have driven anyone to the brink of insanity. While there are several theories regarding the Ripper’s death, taking his own life is certainly one of the most feasible, especially if identification and persecution frightened him to the very core.


Moving onto the nature of the Ripper’s killings; all of his targets were prostitutes. Now, most theories claim that this was out of a pure hatred for them. However, is it possible this series of killings came out of fear? Rest assured this argument isn’t to justify his heinous crimes, but the idea of killing off prostitutes in order to settle his fear certainly springs to mind here.

These are just a few likely fears of Jack the Ripper. Share your ideas of potential Ripper suspects or any fears you believe the culprit may have had with The Jack the Ripper Tour in London!


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