Keeping the Kids Entertained in the Summer Holidays

DATED: 23.06.23

With the summer holidays soon coming up, it’s good to see what activities and outings are on offer to keep your kids occupied and having fun! London is a great place to look – there are many activities and sights to see that children enjoy!

It can be hard to find the perfect activity for everyone in the family, especially for children of different ages, but in London, there are so many things to do in the summer holidays. Read on for some great ideas!

Things to Do in London During the Summer Holidays

You might choose to visit an aquarium where children can explore the animals of the ocean, such as sharks, turtles, jellyfish, clownfish, and starfish, and learn about different species, or you may decide to visit a museum or art gallery and have a picnic in the park after!

You may choose a walking tour of London, or you may go for a more immersive experience by booking the famous Jack the Ripper Tour – voted number 1 by TripAdvisor.

Jack the Ripper Tour London

A great option for children of all ages is the Jack the Ripper Tour London:

The Jack the Ripper Tour in London is a great summer day-out activity for kids of all ages! Jack the Ripper was one of London’s worst criminals, and the case has still not been solved. During this tour of the East End, you can learn more about Jack the Ripper in a fun and theatrical way through our tour guides and enjoy the summer weather by being out and about!

If you have younger children who are afraid of the dark or have early bedtimes, go for a daytime tour, starting at 5:30 pm, or choose the 7:30 pm tour for an evening of fun and mystery, perfect for older children and teenagers!

How does the tour work?

Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic tour guides will meet you at the starting point and take you through the tour, helping you to explore different parts of London to understand the movements of Jack the Ripper. You will visit the murder sites of the victims and other important sites and streets where the case, suspects and victims will be discussed in depth.

We use modern projectors – RIPPER-VISION - to show you the latest unseen crime scene images of Jack the Ripper, and through this, the murder mystery case is brought to life!

The tour runs seven days a week and lasts around 1 hour and 45 minutes, and in this time, you and your children are bound to have a LOT of fun!

Where do you visit on the tour?

Here is a list of the places you will visit and things you will see and do as part of the tour – each has significance in the Jack the Ripper case and are key to finding out who Jack the Ripper was.

  • Visit Osbourne Street
  • Visit Gunthorpe Street
  • Visit the Frying Pan Pub
  • Visit Hanbury Street
  • Examine the Ripper Letters
  • Visit Wilkes Street
  • Learn about the death of Elizabeth Stride
  • Visit Ten Bells and Christ Church
  • Visit Mitre Square
  • Visit Goulstone Street
  • Visit Dorset Street
  • Reveal the suspect that police should have been looking for

What do I need to bring?

To enjoy our exciting tour, make sure you wear or bring a comfy pair of shoes! Our tour is a walking tour, and there can be quite a bit of ground to cover, so dress appropriately! If the weather is bad, please bring an umbrella, or call us to change your booking to another day, depending on availability.

How much is the tour?

You can book the tour online for £18 per adult and just £10 per child.

Have more questions?

If you have any other questions about the tour, you may find them on our frequently asked questions page here. For other enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at or call us on 07803 067 544.

Our Other Tours

We offer other tours that you may be interested in after the summer holidays, such as:

  • Jack the Ripper Halloween Tours
  • Jack the Ripper Pub Tours
  • Jack the Ripper School Tours
  • Jack the Ripper VIP Tours

Our schools' tours can be great for end-of-year trips or summer activities for scouts – book now or drop us an email with your questions!

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Have the best day out as a family with your children on this Jack the Ripper Tour! Children of all ages are welcome!

Full of mystery, thrills and exploring, enjoy a day out this summer in London by learning about Jack the Ripper, visiting key sites, and solving the case! Our tour guides will ensure you have a great trip, and we're sure you’ll be wanting to come back!


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